Welcome to issue 279!

This week use Modern React API, create React monorepo, build DApps and more!

Modern API data-fetching methods in React

Ibadehin Mojeed goes in detail.

Create React Typescript Monorepo with Git Submodules

Alex Eagleson guides us.

Create collapsible React components with react-collapsed

Shalitha Suranga teaches how.

Creating animations with lottie-react-native

Rupesh Chaudhari elaborates.

Remix vs. Next.js vs. SvelteKit

Alex Merced compares all three.

Build a DApp on Avalanche

Ovie Okeh gives an epic guide.

UnoCSS: A Tailwind CSS alternative

Doro Onome tells more.

Managing state with Elf reactive framework

Nefe James introduces.

Component showcasing with Storybook controls

Sebastian Weber tells us.

Build a component library with React and TypeScript

Madushika Perera gives a very detailed guide.

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