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Welcome to issue 28.

This week we review the best JavaScript books in 2017, work with React Native components, learn about patterns in Reactjs and much more!


Learn XML


I came to the conclusion that Redux seems to be the perfect fit for structuring apps with React.


Reusable React Native components

How to define them in different ways


Reactive Core architecture for React Native and React applications

When it comes to develop an application that needs a mobile app and a web app, there is always a struggle in the matter of what is the right approach to take.


From the series “Build a Pokédex with GraphQL, React.js, Semaphore CI, Heroku and Docker”.


10 React mini-patterns

Over the last few years, I’ve worked on a handful of decent-sized React projects, and many, many pint-sized ones.


Low effort, high value. Integration tests in Redux apps.

You can test your Redux app by rendering it in node, simulating user interactions and verifying changes in state and markup.


Improving first time load of a Production React App (Part 1 of 2)

How the load time of the e went from 13+ seconds to less than 5 seconds.


Explaining GraphQL Connections

Edges have never been so fun!


React Native Swift & Promises

For any given React Native project, I prefer to use Swift on the native side and promises on the Javascript side.
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