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Welcome to issue 29.

This week we bring you the coolest ReactJS T-shirts & Swag from our newly launched ReactDOM Store, we combine ReactJS with WordPress, use DevOps & Reactjs together and much more!


Learn Selenium


Infinite Scrolling in React using Apollo & GraphQL

What is infinite scroll and why use it?


How to build React apps on top of the WordPress REST API

WordPress comes with a built-in REST API


React Native with TypeScript

Complete guide to convert a React Native project to TypeScript.


Full-stack React + GraphQL Tutorial

Declarative data fetching and mocking with Apollo


Functional setState is the future of React

React has popularized functional programming in JavaScript.


How to automate the boring parts of your job with React & DevOps

Create React App, Bluemix, GitHub, and Travis CI. I use all of these to automate all of the boring parts of my job with Create React App DevOps.


GraphQL & React tutorial (part 5/6)

Combining components into screens and mocking our server


License Plate Recognition in React Native

An open-source React Native package for automatic license plate recognition using OpenALPR


Implementing Cube in React Native

I was inspired another UI challenge, rendering an interactive cube using 6 views with different origins.
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