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Welcome to issue 32.

This week we review books that show you how to add RESTful APIs to your skill-set, see the best of React at React Conf 2017, get better at Redux, learn GraphQL Mutations and much more!


Learn RESTful API

RESTful APIs are growing fast in popularity. The best part? They can be used with ReactJS!


React Conf 2017 Videos

Full videos off all the talks from React Conf 2017. Must watch for any ReactJS dev.


Introducing Redux Offline: Offline-First Architecture for Progressive Web Applications and React Native

Building offline-friendly web and mobile applications using Redux.


The Three Pigs: how to structure your React-Redux application

Starting out with Redux can be quite daunting and figuring out the best way to group the bits and pieces of your application into a sensible folder structure can be tricky.


Tackling Higher Order Component in React Native

HOC is a function that takes React Component as input and outputs a new React Component.


React Bits

A compilation of React Patterns, techniques, tips and tricks.


Learn to write a simple GraphQL server for Taskbox

A tutorial following the development process of an “Inbox Zero” style todo list application.


Android Drawer & StatusBar done right for React Native

Most of React Native applications out there don’t really care about this matter but as an Android perfectionist I do


Designing GraphQL Mutations

Design principles for building effective GraphQL mutation systems that can evolve over time.


React Unit Test is easy

Find the right React Unit Test Tools

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