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Welcome to issue 47.

This week we look at fullstack GraphQL, TDD React & Redux, debug ReactJS, power up with NodeJS and much more!


The Fullstack Tutorial for GraphQL

The free and open-source tutorial to learn all around GraphQL to go from zero to production.


Emotion: lightweight css-in-js library.

The Next Generation of CSS-in-JS.



Learn Symfony


TDD a React/Redux TodoList App: Part 1

The above beauty is what we’re going to be making in this tutorial — a React Todo list app, using Redux as our state management system, TDD’d with end-to-end tests using webdriverIO and unit tests using enzyme.


Combining React with for real-time goodness

So you need to make your app respond to events from the server.


High Performance React: Speed Up Your Apps

React is usually pretty fast, but it’s easy to make small mistakes that lead to performance issues.


React Native for Web

Using React and React Native in a single, shared codebase.


Announcing Gatsby 1.0.0

Gatsby is your friendly, blazing fast static site generator for React.


Rekit 2.0: new way of React development

Rekit is a toolkit for building scalable web applications with React, Redux and React-router.


Code Splitting with Webpack, React & React Router

The title of this post is quite verbose. It’s intentional.


Intro to debugging ReactJS applications

One of the most important things a developer should learn is how to (properly) debug an application in his language of choice.


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