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Welcome to issue 48.

This week we look at React’s insides, Decided if we need Redux, update our React Native apps,take a closer look at React’s patents, figure out what exactly is Vue.js and much more!


React Internals

In this five part series, we will “recreate” React from the ground up, learning how it works along the way.


What’s So Great About Redux?

Redux elegantly handles complex state interactions that are hard to express with React’s component state.



Learn Serverless


Chain React 2017: Videos

All the talks from a React Native conference.


Apollo Server 1.0: GraphQL Server for Node.js

Use GraphQL with Express, Hapi, Koa, Lambda, Micro, Restify, etc


Data Visualization with React JS & SVG

Learn how to build an SVG line chart in React (No 3rd party graphing libraries necessary!)


Redux-First Router data-fetching…

Understanding the architectural decisions behind the tools you are using is perhaps more important than the many things a new package does for you.


8 things to learn in React before using Redux

State management is difficult. A view library, such as React, enables you to manage local component state.


React, Facebook, and the Revocable Patent License.

The Internet (aka Hacker News) worked itself into another tizzy over Facebook’s React patent retaliation clause.


Updating Your React Native App

Congratulations, you’ve written your first React Native app and users are downloading it from the store.


You Probably Don’t Need Redux

This is your daily reminder to listen to your gut.

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