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Welcome to the fifth issue.
It’s Back to (React)School time!

Welcome to ReactDOM, the only ReactJS Newsletter that consistently gives you the highest quality of ReactJS tutorials and news!
This week we have great resources to learn ReactJS For Free(which could have been charged for at premium price),
further Jest features & testing, a PokeDex built in Reactjs and even have GraphQL!
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Learn Cassandra


Codecademy Launches Free ReactJS Courses

Codecademy has the best free interactive coding lessons on the planet. They have helped so many people learn how to code and get new careers and passions. So, I think I speak for many when I saw this was a course we have all waited and wanted them to do. Kudos, Codecademy!


ReactJS Redux, the Right Way.

A free eBook website on learning ReactJS and Redux. Very thorough and is absolutely free with no signup required!


Routing React Apps: The Complete Guide

The guys over at Scotch make some of the best tutorial you”ll ever come across. There take on learning the fundamentals of Routing React Apps is no different.


UI Toolkit for React Native

React Native Elements is a lovely pattern library for a useful set of reusable UI components that you can use in your React Native application.


Realtime Pokedex App with ReactJS

Even though Pokemon GO is losing more of it’s userbase and hype day by day, it’s never to late to learn how to code stuff in Pokemon world. Creating a Pokedex using ReactJS with RethinkDB is a great project to advance your programming.


GraphQL with the Serverless Framework

A lovely dashboard using GraphQL. GraphQL is also from the fine folks at Facebook and is used as a data query language. The Lambda function retrieves data from DynamoDB and there aregreat libraries for retrieving data from GraphQL endpoints.


HTML5 drag-drop zone with React.js

A handy HTML5 drag & drop zone for uploading files with Reactjs.


Unit testing React Native with Jest and  Snapshots

Snapshot is a new feature of Jest. Snapshots allow us to write tests quickly and it provides a seamless update experience.


Harnessing the power of Webpack

Housing Go share’s their bundling and chunking strategies using webpack.


WalmartLabs on ReactJS SSR Profiling and Caching

Walmart describe their process of moving over their eCommerce sites to use ReactJS. They talk about Server Side Rendering (SSR) and how they make it work.

That’s it for this week’s edition of the best Reactjs News!
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