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Welcome to issue 53.

This week we will learn why Reactjs is better than Angularjs, learn the fundamentals of ReactJS, speed up React Native, get updated with Rails 5 and much more!


All the fundamental React.js concepts in one article

This is a practical introduction to the fundamentals of React.js.


Why Arrow Functions & bind in React are Problematic

It makes shouldComponentUpdate and PureComponent cranky.



Learn Ruby on Rails 5

Learn and upgrade your Rails knowledge to Rails 5.


Introducing downshift for React

Downshift is the primitive you need to build simple, flexible, WAI-ARIA compliant React autocomplete components.


How I organize my React & Redux projects

How I organize my React & Redux projects and some decisions made while working in some projects in the last two years.


Repatch — the simplified Redux

After I first met with flux, I was impressed by its expressive power…


Migrating To React + MobX While Shipping New Features

A year ago our front-end was written in a cumbersome combination of Backbone, TypeScript, and a custom state management layer.


Using React v16 to create self-destructing components

react-aux is one of those tiny things that make development helluva simpler.


Measuring performance in AngularJS to React (with Redux or Mobx)

Angular Vs ReactJS in terms of performance.


Evolving API Pagination at Slack

Slack uses Relay and GraphQL.


5 Tools for speeding up React Native.

Tools and Libraries are essential for developing any application, especially React Native.

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