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Welcome to issue 56.

This week we optimise React, build a GraphQL API, see how to build great React Native apps, learn how to use the best PHP frameworks and much more!


Progressive Web App Performance Case Study

70%+ improvement in first paint time, 31% improvement in time-to-interactive & loaded in under 4 seconds over 3G.


How We Built Our React Native App

An ideal mobile application should be an extension of the mobile web instead of being a replacement.



Learn PHP

PHP helps you make epic websites fast. Learn how.


Build a GraphQL API in under 20 minutes

Tell your back-end exactly what data you want, when you want it.


DOM Attributes in React 16

In the past, React used to ignore unknown DOM attributes.


Redux & Flow-type: max benefits from fewest key strokes

Being a frequent Typescript user I’m fully onboard with the benefits of Type systems.


Understanding React Component life-cycle

React provides developers with many methods or “hooks” that are called during the life-cycle of an component, which allows us to update the UI and application state.


Seeing Through Redux with Lenses

Using functional programming to manage your state.


Just completed my first React Native app, here is what I learnt

Thoughts and Discoveries about building a React Native application.


GraphQL schema stitching

The advantages of easily combining multiple schemas into one.


Firebase + React : Optimizing For The Real World

As I love the approach React takes for the DOM, it was my only choice of framework.



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