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Welcome to the seventh issue.

This week we take a particular look at Redux from multiple views and angles, including if you should use it and patterns. That and much more!


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You Might Not Need Redux

Dan Abramov, aka Mr Hot Loader shares an opinion that many might find controversial. In-fact, most will wonder why he even is expressing it, given that he created Redux!


Using Rekit to quickly create a React app

Generators are always a godsend in saving time and Rekit helps you save time while making a React app.


Redux Patterns and Anti-Patterns

A nice list of Patterns and Anti-Patterns of Redux.


If TypeScript is so great, why is Babel used more?

A lovely discussion on the pros and cons of typescript and why many projects use babel.


A new approach to managing Redux actions

Managing Redux actions can be difficult and this approach tries to make it easier.


Native code generation at Facebook

A look at how Facebook generates native code. GraphQL is discussed among our usual favorite of ReactJS.


Using react-native-router-flux

Using react-native-router-flux to setup routes and other things.


How to safely use React context

Context is a very powerful and underused feature in ReactJS.


Snapshot Testing in React Storybook

Snapshot testing allows you to test your UI components without writing test cases.


Why The Hipsters Recompose Everything

A short run through a few utility functions that make using ReactJS more easier.

That’s it for this week’s edition of the greatest place to find ReactJS News!
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