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Welcome to issue 79.

This week we take a look at writing better React.js code, modularize React, compare Swift & React Native performance, take a look at the best rated course and much more!


Carl Vitullo looks at writing safe React.js code.


John A. Calderaio compares the differnce in performance between Native iOS (Swift) & React Native.


Learn CSS


Alexis Mangin answers the question.


Siddharth Gupta shows us how to work with AppSync Backend, AWS Managed GraphQL Service.


Peter Mbanugo wonders “What in the world is Redux and why do I need it?”.


Ferran Negre introduces us to react-native-paper.


Sonny Recio is moving, but not because of the hype.


Jonathan Saring looks at what music can teach us about how we share code.


Gurjot Singh Makkar shows how you how.

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