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Welcome to issue 90.

This week we look at React States, learn how JSX works, use MobX, and much more!


Gant Laborde lists the hottest state management libs for React


Rodrigo Pombo explains how JSX works and then use it in “unusual” ways.


Learn Scala


Nader Dabit supercharges & simplifies your React workflow.


Jonathan Saring lists 5 tools to speed the development of your React UI components and applications.


Rajat S shows how to use Puppeteer & Jest to perform End-to-End Testing on your React App.


Saurabh Misra shows us how.


Kent C. Dodds makes a component that supports Components and Patterns.


Stelios Constantinides builds it with Firebase’s new Firestore for offline support.


Ian Wilson details how to build sturdy React apps.


Charlee Li tells us more.

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