Last Updated: March 22, 2019

Best Backbone.js tutorials & courses 2019


Backbone Tutorial: Learn Backbonejs from Scratch

Backbone Tutorial: Learn Backbonejs from Scratch by Mosh Hamedani is a collection of Backbone.js tutorials covering fundamentals of Backbone. You will go from Backbone novice to ninja with this Backbonejs course. The skills gained will let you build rich client applications with Backbone. This Backbonejs tutorial is perfect for beginners and starts at the basics. You will cover unit testing and modularising your Backbone code. For unit testing, you will make use of Jasmine.js. Modulralizing your code will be carried out with Require.js. At tyhe end of this tutorial, you will write clean, perfectly-structured, maintainable and testable JavaScript code. This is without question one of the best Backbone tutorials in 2019.


Best Backbone books 2019



Bestseller No. 2
Client-Server Web Apps with JavaScript and Java: Rich, Scalable, and RESTful
  • Casimir Saternos
  • O'Reilly Media
  • Kindle Edition
  • Edition no. 1 (03/28/2014)
  • English



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