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Best Bash courses 2024

Best Bash Courses 2022

Best Bash Tutorials 2022

BASH Programming Course: Master the Linux Command Line!

In depth understanding of Bash programming. This Bash programming course will take you from beginner to advanced with the Linux command line. This Bash scripting course contains over 10 hours of B video. By far this is the most comprehensive learn Bash programming tutorial video. No other Bash tutorial or course packs so much information. From setting up your Bash environment, Bash Conditional statements, Bash Regular Expressions and everything related to learning Bash is covered. You will learn Bash script debugging. All your Bash questions are answered. You will gain mastery of basic linux concepts. This Bash scripting training will teach you skills that will help you gain jobs in Linux system maintenance and administration. This is among the best Bash scripting tutorial in 2022.

This course is designed to take you from beginner to advanced level in the Linux command line using bash (Bourne-again shell), a Unix shell, and a command language. You get over 10 hours of HD videos full of helpful tutorials based on motivation and enthusiasm for learning bash programming! You can count on an answer to every question you ask in the Linux Command Line Expert Course, giving you the peace of mind that you can get help with every challenge you have as you go. that you learn!

You will learn:

In-depth understanding of Bash programming
Proficiency in the Linux command line
Knowledge is applicable to jobs related to the maintenance and administration of the Linux system

Unix Shell Scripting Certification Training

Become an expert in Unix/Linux & Shell Script by mastering the fundamentals, architecture and automation with Shell Script. Also, learn monitoring by working on live real-life projects.

Learning Objectives – In this module, you will get an overview of the Unix Operating System, its Architecture, Directory Structure and Command Usage and learn how to connect Unix Server using the Putty tool.

Topics – Introduction to the UNIX Operating System, Features of UNIX, Unix vs Windows and DOS Operating System, Different flavors of Unix, Unix System Architecture, File System Layout in Unix, Unix Command Usage, Unix Directory Structure/Hierarchy, Advantages and Disadvantages of Unix OS, Accessing Unix Server.

Bash Scripting and Shell Programming (Linux Command Line)

Learn bash programming step-by-step to solve real-world problems. You will learn how to write Bash scripts that can work on Linux, Mac, and Unix operating systems. This Bash scripting online course will help you learn how to turn boring tasks into automated tasks. The online Bash tutorial will teach you all about accepting input and processing them. You will be equipped with shell script creation checklist and shell script template (boilerplate). These will help you make perfect bash scripts every time. This Bash programming tutorial is packed with practice Bash exercises, real world Bash examples, and even Bash quizzes. You can even download all the Bash scripts used. In no time at all, you will be writing advanced Bash scripts. This is the best Bash Scripting course.

You will learn:

Write shell scripts that can be used on Linux, Mac, and Unix operating systems.
Automate tasks using shell scripts.
Create complex scripts that take advantage of the advanced features of the bash shell.

Bash Shell Scripting: Crash Course For Beginners

by Francesco Santi will teach you Bash Shell Scripting for beginners. You will gain a clear understanding of how to write Shell Scripts. This Bash tutorial explains everything thoroughly at a slow pace, making it perfect for beginners. If you have never used the command line you have no reason to worry. This Bash tutorial for beginners will teach you everything necessary for you to start using the command line and writing your Bash scripts. Using Bash scripts, you will be able to automate tasks. The Bash scripts you write will be able to make decisions, use functions, use variables, etc. This will help you save hours of work. After you have learnt the basics, you will build a real world project at the end. You will build shell scripts that solve your own real world problems.This is one of the best Bash tutorial for beginners in 2022.

This course will give you a clear understanding of how to write shell scripts. In this course, everything is explained at a slow and painstaking pace so that you can keep up with everything. Even if you’ve never used the command line before, the first 2 sections will teach you all the tools you need to use the command line and start writing your shell scripts, nothing is left out. Also, after having introduced you to all the basics of Shell Scripting errors, the last 2 sections are project based, we will combine everything you learned in the course to create a script that solves the real world problem.

At the end of the course, you will write your own shell scripts, in particular you will learn how to:

Use the command line
Automate tasks using shell scripts
Create and use variables in your scripts
Make decisions using if-else statements
Make a decision based on strings, variables or files
Use arithmetic expressions
Browse files and folders with “for” and “while” loops
Use functions
Process the scope of variables
Create Shell Scripts That Solve Real World Problems

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