Last updated on January 11th, 2018

RESTful APIs(REpresentational State Transfer Application Programming Interfaces ) are web services using REST architecture.  XML, HTML, and JSON are the primary formats used for RESTful APIs requests.  RESTful APIs are used largely in building cloud-based APIs. It is fast catching in popularity. More and more developers are using RESTful APIs to build their systems. Having a working knowledge of  RESTful APIs is great for your developer career. Here’s the best RESTful APIs books, courses, videos and tutorials in 2018.



Beginner API development in Node, Express, ES6, & MongoDB

Restful API tutorial

Beginner API development in Node, Express, ES6, & MongoDB by Mark Price will teach you REST API backend development. This REST API course is for anyone who wants to learn REST API development.  You will code in ES6 for API development. This course teaches RESTful API best practices. You will deploy the APIs to live servers. You will learn how to make REST APIs that talk to iOS & Android. This is the best RESTful web services tutorial in 2018.


API/Web Services testing with SoapUI

API/Web Services testing with SoapUI by Sashi R will teach you automating RESTful API testing. You will use SoapUI and Groovy scripts. You will become a master at testing RESTful APIs.


REST APIs with Flask and Python

REST APIs with Flask and Python by Jose Salvatierra will teach you how to build professional REST APIs. You will be using Python, Flask, Flask-RESTful, and Flask-SQLAlchemy. You will build secure and reliable REST APIs that connect to web or mobile applications.


RESTful API with Laravel 5.4: Definitive Guide

RESTful API with Laravel 5.4: Definitive Guide by Juan D MeGon will teach you how to build RESTful APIs. You will gain mastery of the main HTTP methods/verbs for HTTP and RESTful APIs.


Professional RESTful API Design using Python Flask

Professional RESTful API Design using Python Flask by Jorge Escobar will teach you the fundamental concepts. You will build a RESTful API application from scratch. You will learn all the constraints of RESTful APIs.



RESTful Web Clients: Enabling Reuse Through Hypermedia

RESTful Web Clients: Enabling Reuse Through Hypermedia by Mike Amundsen  is a brand new book that has just been released and will teach you how to build great hypermedia-based client applications. Mike Amundsen is an author and lecturer on distributed network architecture and other topics.

RESTful Web Clients provides an extensive foundation filled with step by step easy to follow examples to build an excellent client app. The books shows you how to implement JSON APIs and maintain them in your application, as it can be quite the challenge. RESTful Web Clients explores the Hypertext Application Language(HAL) and how to use it with Siren and Collection+JSON clients along with the pros and cons of using them. The book even deals with patterns and API versioning.

RESTful Web Clients is a practical guide that will teach you how to build reusable client apps that are also much more reliable and stable. Hypermedia APIs are the future and are becoming more common and useful daily. RESTful Web Clients will teach you how to harness the power of Hypermedia and build applications that can work with multiple services.



RESTful Web APIs: Services for a Changing World by Leonard Richardson, Mike Amundsen & Sam Rub is a fantastic look at REST concepts and hypermedia APIs and how to implement them. 

This practical guide teaches you step-by-step how to build hypermedia APIs along with the proper strategies. This book is full of collection patterns, API design strategies,  standardized hypermedia data formats and best practices that can you can instantly use. RESTful Web APIs discusses APIs in-depth, touching on things like  XMDP, ALPS, JSON-LD, etc to make coherent and great APIs. Hypermedia is the name of the game. You will understand standardization and how it ties in with great APIs.

RESTful Web APIs is very clearly written and accessible, requiring no prior knowledge of RESTful APIs. This book has solutions to build epic Restful APIs. I

RESTful Web Services Cookbook: Solutions for Improving Scalability and Simplicity by Subbu Allamaraju is a cookbook full of RESTful web services recipes that you can instantly use. RESTful Web Services Cookbook consists of over 100 recipes that help you tackle the core infrastructure of the web. The book will tell you how to tackle advanced issues like merging, batch processing, partial updates, etc. RESTful Web Services Cookbook is filled with examples of XML, JSON, Atom & HTTP along with implementations guides. The pros and cons of each solution  are desrcibed in detail.

RESTful Web Services Cookbook is full of step by step instructions and will teach you how to build well performing, reliable and scale-able web services for both client and server application. If you are looking into becoming a RESTful chef, you need this book in your shelf.



REST in Practice: Hypermedia and Systems Architecture

REST in Practice: Hypermedia and Systems Architecture by Jim Webber, Savas Parastatidis and Ian Robinson is a book that explains REST in a thorough and practical way. REST in Practice provides a down to earth and easily digestible explanation of REST principles and how you can use them to build hypermedia applications and systems. You will learn CRUD(Create, Read, Update, Delete) pattern and how to use it along with various other techniques.

The book shows you how to make your services secure and introduces you to integration patterns. REST in Practice teaches you how to build scalable systems for the enterprise.It explains REST in a  simple and guided step by step way. This is a book that you should digest in small chunks to get the full value. REST in Practice will teach you the inner workings of REST APIs.




RESTful APIs are only going up in popularity. They have become the standard. Now is a great time to learn how to use RESTful APIs and leverage your career as a developer.  You can combine ReactJS with RESTfuls APIs to build epic applications and APIs.



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