Learning React Native: Building Native Mobile Apps with JavaScript by Bonnie Eisenman is one of the most popular React Native books out at the moment and serves as a great introduction to React Native. Bonnie Eisenman is a software engineer at Codecademy, and has worked at Google.

Learning React Native will examine and explain how React Native works. Through out the book, you will build multiple apps that use and teach you things like APIs and native components. Learning React Native also shows you how to debug your code along with tools to use to debug it.

Learning React Native uses clearly defined instructions to show you how you how to build and style interfaces, local storage, etc. The book even shows you how to deploy your applications to iOS & Android  app stores. Learning React Native will teach you how to build complex React Native apps by starting with simple React Native apps, progressing to  more and more advanced apps along the way. Learning React Native is full of code examples to help guide you in your path to learn React Native.

Learning React Native is a book that will teach you everything you need to learn about React Native. Learning React Native is great for beginners as it does not assume any prior knowledge from you in React Native. Learning React Native should be checked out by anyone wishing to learn React Native.

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