Mastering React by Adam Horton & Ryan Vice is a comprehensive and hands-on guide that teaches you how to master ReactJS starting from a beginner level. Adam Horton is a developer and Ryan Vice is a chief architect.

Mastering React starts with the fundamentals of ReactJS and takes a pragmatic approach to showing what makes ReactJS special compared to other frameworks using multiple detailed and concise examples along with explanations. This book will teach you the React component lifecycle & core concepts.

Mastering React then moves on to advanced topics like form validation and complete application construction. The book also shows you several design process to implement a plan for your Reactjs code. Mastering React also shows you how to add cool animations using Reactjs. Mastering React explores the anatomy of a ReactJS Single Page Application and shows you everything needed to make one, while explaining all the steps needed. By the end of Mastering React, you have created your won Single Page

Mastering React is a comprehensive guide that helps you fill the gaps in your ReactJS knowledge. This book is ideal for developers who know the fundamentals of JavaScript fundamentals and want to leverage those skills into Reactjs. If you are looking to master ReactJS, then Mastering React is well worth a look.
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