Mastering React Native by Eric Masiello & Jacob Friedman will teach you all the skills necessary to become an expert in React Native. Eric Masiello is a lead software engineer and Jacob Friedmann is a developer. Mastering React Native is very new and hence all of the code is up to date.

Mastering React Native guides you through the numerous components of React Native to write great React Native code. React Native features such as Views and Lists are discussed and explored in this book. The book shows you how to build beautiful rich layouts and animations to make your React Native application look amazing and eye-catching. Mastering React Native also explains the concept of how routing works and using it in your React Native apps.

Mastering React Native teaches you how to use technologies like Flux and Redux( along with Redux middleware) to manage data from remote APIs. Both Flux and Redux help build scalable React Native applications. JSX and ES6 syntax are explored in this book. Mastering React Native will leverage all these skills along with your existing JavaScript skills to make cross platform apps that work both on iOS and Android while only using a single code base.

Mastering React Native walks you through the process of building a mobile application with a guided workflow for a fast development. After finishing this book, you should be able to make modern applications with React Native. Mastering React Native is definitely worth a read by everyone that wants to master React Native.


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