Pro React by Cassio de Sousa Antonio teaches you how to successfully structure increasingly complex Reactjs applications. Cássio de Sousa Antonio is a software engineer who has worked on projects for major brands such as Microsoft and Coca-Cola.

Pro React explores the React library and ecosystem in-depth, allowing you to create advanced and complex Reactjs applications. Pro React is written using the ES6 syntax. Every chapter in the book focuses on building Reactjs components and the concepts behind it, so you fully understand what you are building.

Pro React discusses ReactJS best practices in using ReactJS, so that your Reactjs apps are highly composable. The book is written very concisely. Pro React goes through tools such as React Router and Flux, which help you make complex Reactjs apps. This book does have a few formatting issues.

Pro React deals with all Reactjs topics in a detailed way and goes about discussing the most common problems you might face. This book is ideal for developers that have front-end experience with other JavaScript framework and want to move into making complex and adavanced front-end applications.If you are trying to be a pro in ReactJS, you should check out Pro React.



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