React Native Cookbook by Stan Bershadskiy & Crysfel Villa will take you through the basics recipes of React Native development all the way to recipes using advanced components. Stan Bershadskiy is an architect and Crysfel Villa is a senior software engineer.

React Native Cookbook follows a top-down approach, starting from basic React Native components all the way to complex UI. This book will teach you to build rich and engaging user experiences, by styling and animating your React Native app with custom components. React Native Cookbook teaches and explains how to use architecture patterns which will enable you to use routing, data access, etc.

React Native Cookbook will teach you how to maximize code reuse, leveraging the same code base for iOS and Android. This is one of the major advantages of using React Native.  React Native Cookbook shows you how to leverage Redux, which will help you optimize the performance of your React Native application. React Native Cookbook shows how to add automated testing to your app and deploy it to Apple and Google app stores.

React Native Cookbook is a great way to cook up some React Native applications.This cookbook should be in your shelf, for you to use whenever you need to cook some tasty React Native apps!  React Native Cookbook focuses heavily on making great, maintainable and reliable React Native apps. All aspiring React Native chefs will learn some great recipes from React Native Cookbook.


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