React Native for iOS Development by Akshat Paul & Abhishek Nalwaya is a hands-on guide to building iOS apps easily using React Native. Akshat Paul & Abhishek Nalwaya are developers.

React Native for iOS Development begins by explaining the concepts of Reactjs. The book explores the anatomy and architecture of React Native apps, using Flux. React Native for iOS Development shows you how to design great user interfaces for your React Native app.

React Native for iOS Development shows that you cdan develop apps for iOS without using Objective-C, but rather harnessing and using the power of Reactjs and JavaScript. This book  also shows how to  write test cases to your React Native code. It even shows you how to deploy your app to the app store.  React Native for iOS Development is full of code that you can go through, and uses real world examples to build React Native apps.

React Native for iOS Development is a book that shows you how to make a React Native app for iOS. This book is not for those targeting any other platform except iOS. React Native for iOS Development is a book that should be checked out by those that want to make a React Native app for iOS.

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