React.js Essentials by Artemij Fedosejev, is a fast paced guide to the world of Reactjs that is ideal for beginners, while being brief and concise. Artemij Fedosejev is a technical lead based in London.

React.js Essentials will teach you how to build a maintainable Reactjs application using custom reusable React components (stateless and stateful) combined with the most powerful ReactJS tools and other JavaScript libraries. The book is written in easy to understand language, making it a breeze to read through. React.js Essentials also teaches you how to test your ReactJS code using Jest and scale your app properly.

React.js Essentials is about 200 pages and is ideal for people who want to learn as quickly as possible as it can be finished in a couple of days. This book has great explanations of Flux architecture (going into the core elements), React components life-cycle and all other important parts of ReactJS. React.js Essentials takes a hands-on approach with code examples to ensure you learn React.js at a fast pace.

React.js Essentials is a great introduction to ReactJS for beginners. React.js Essentials will take you on a speedy journey through making your own Reactjs application. React.js Essentials is a book for anyone looking to learn the essentials of React.js quickly.



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