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Best Build Automation Courses 2021

Best Build Automation Tutorials 2021

Cucumber with Java-Build Automation Framework in lesser code

Cucumber – A lifesaving tool for the quality assurance industry in developing test frameworks with minimal programming knowledge. This course helps you create a top-notch framework so that you can implement it for all automation test cases developed in Selenium, Appium, Rest Assured API. By the end of the course, you will be mastered in the Cucumber Framework and will be able to successfully implement it in your workplace for any automation test cases you have.

Course content includes
What is cucumber
BDD cucumber approach
Gherkin syntaxes
Cucumber Feature File Definition Rules
Cucumber Automation Terminologies
Data-driven testing with Cucumber
DataTable function and its importance
regular expression to develop reusable components
Parameterization of tests with the keyword Example
Cucumber hooks and marking features
Intelligent use of the combination of hooks and labels
Importance of Junit Test Runner with Cucumber
Cucumber options Attriubute options
Generating reports for cucumber tests
Integration of cucumber testing with Maven
Planning Jenkins tests for continuous integration

You will learn:
By the end of this course, you will be able to develop a Cucumber Test Framework for all Web / Mobile / API Automation test cases.
Understand how BDD (Behavior driven development) approach works with knowledge of pickle syntax
In-depth understanding of real-time automation framework challenges and solutions to address them
Comprehensive knowledge of data-driven testing, setups, reusable components, cucumber hooks and labels
 Additional knowledge on the integration of the Cucumber framework with MAVEN, JENKINS, GITHUB

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