Welcome to issue 87.

This week we take a look at Redux 4, writer better React code, lazy loading in React, and much more!


Redux 4 is live!

Redux 4 comes with a lot of improvements under the hood.


How To Write Better Code In React

Rajat S gives 9 Useful Tips for writing better code in React: Learn about Linting, propTypes, PureComponent and more.


Stay Updated Sale

Learn the latest skills and stay updated with these tutorials.


Improve Performance with Lazy-Loading & Code-Splitting

José M. Pérez teaches how to use a High-Order Component to lazy load in React.

React Native

React Native & Firebase: Authentication

Faraz Amiruddin Ahmad’s quick guide to get up and running with Firebase’s Authentication in React Native


How to React

Kent C. Dodds tells us how learning React in the right order can make it less overwhelming.


Serverless React with AWS Amplify: Part 1

James Hamann details how to make Serverless React apps.


A guide to building & publishing React components

Brad Stiff will guide you through the process of writing and publishing your React component.


Deploy AWS AppSync GraphQL API with CloudFormation

Adrian Hall teaches how to automate your AWS AppSync deployments with GraphQL API.


Create React or React Native Components in 1 command

Snær Seljan Þóroddsson shows us how he does this.


Master Advanced React Design Patterns: Render Props

Shaun David Hutch discusses React Render Props.

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