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CompTIA CySA+ (CS0-002) Complete Course & Practice Exam

This course provides everything you need to study for the CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst + (CySA +) (CS0-002) exam, including a downloadable study guide (PDF), quizzes to check your knowledge as you go. as you progress through the videos, and a full length practice exam guide to test your knowledge before test day!

Taught by an IT and cybersecurity expert with over 20 years of experience, this course is a fun way to learn what you need to know to pass the CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst + (CySA +) (CS0 -002) or to better prepare yourself to be part of your organization’s cyber defense team.

The CompTIA CySA + (Cybersecurity Analyst +) (CS0-002) certification is a vendor-independent certification that validates your knowledge and ability to conduct mid-level cybersecurity skills. This certification bridges the gap between the entry-level CompTIA Security + exam (for those who have approximately 1 year in the field) and the advanced level CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (for those with at least 5 years in the field). ). The CompTIA CySA + exam focuses on the technical and practical details of the cybersecurity field, including not only cyberthreats, secure network architecture, and risk management, but also the ability to perform analysis of logs, configuration assessments, etc.

This CySA + (CS0-002) course is designed for IT Security Analysts, Vulnerability Analysts, Threat Intelligence Analysts, or anyone trying to gain a better understanding of the concepts involved in Cyber ​​Security Analysis, including threat management, vulnerability management, cyber incident response, security architecture and toolsets associated with these cybersecurity efforts.

To help you practice for the CompTIA CySA + exam (CS0-002), this course even comes with a realistic practice exam containing 85 multiple-choice questions spread across the five areas tested by the CompTIA CySA certification exam. + (CS0-002)!

This course will provide you with comprehensive coverage of the five areas of the CySA + Exam (CS0-002):

Threat and Vulnerability Management (22%)
Software and systems security (18%)
Security operations and surveillance (25%)
Incident response (25%)
Compliance and Assessment (13%)

You will learn:

Take and pass the CompTIA CySA + certification exam (CS0-001 or CS0-002)
Understand the concepts of threat and vulnerability management
Understand how to conduct a cyber incident response
Understand how to configure a strong security architecture for your networks
Know the different types of cybersecurity tools in the market and which ones to use in different scenarios

This is the best CompTIA CySA+ course in 2020.

TOTAL: CompTIA CySA+ Cybersecurity Analyst (CS0-001).

This course covers everything you need to know to respond to cybersecurity threats and attacks. You will learn to:

Apply environmental recognition techniques such as operating system fingerprinting, email collection, and social media profiling using tools such as Nmap, Netstat, and syslog

Analyze the results of network recognition and recommend or implement countermeasures

Secure a corporate environment by looking for vulnerabilities

Respond to cyber incidents with an investigation toolkit, maintain chain of custody and analyze incident severity

If you are interested in getting certified, this course will also help you prepare for the CompTIA CySA + Certification Exam (CS0-001). The first objective of the course is to make you an outstanding cybersecurity analyst, and in the process, make sure that you are ready to take the CompTIA exam.

The course covers all CompTIA CySA + exam areas (CS0-001):

1.0 Threat management 27%
2.0 Vulnerability management 26%
3.0 Response to cyber incidents 23%
4.0 Security Architecture and Tool Sets 24%

Topics include:

Threat and Vulnerability Management
Perform analytical reconnaissance
Respond to network threats
Secure a corporate network
Response to cyber incidents
Determine the impact of incidents
Preparing the Incident Response Toolkit

You will learn

This is a comprehensive, comprehensive CompTIA CySA + (CS0-001) certification course. It is designed to prepare the student to be able to take and pass the Cybersecurity Analyst Exam and become CompTIA CySA + certified.
Learn the skills to launch a career in information security analysis, which ranks 7th among the Top 100 Tech Jobs for 2017, and is expected to be the fastest growing overall job category between 2012 and 2022.

CompTIA CySA+ (CS0-001) Practice Tests

CompTIA originally published this certification as CSA +. They had copyright issues and had to change the acronym to CySA +. It’s the same certification and the same course.

Are you ready to take the CompTIA CySA + certification exam? Find out by testing yourself with this new offer on Udemy. Each of the 2 comprehensive practice tests in this set provides a comprehensive exam of questions, allowing you to confirm your mastery of the subjects and giving you the confidence you will need to pass your CompTIA CySA + certification exam.

The tests in this set are timed, so you will know when you take longer than the official test allows, and at the end of the test you will receive a personal breakdown of the questions you answered correctly and incorrectly to improve. your knowledge and prepare to pass the CompTIA exam.

In this set of practice tests, we will cover all the topics included in the objectives of the Cybersecurity Analyst CySA + CS0-001 exam, such as:

Threat management

Vulnerability management

Response to cyber incidents

Security architecture and toolsets

Make sure you’re ready to take the CySA + exam by using these practice tests, written to mimic the types of questions you’ll see on the CompTIA exam.

Practice test questions are taken from the McGraw-Hill CompTIA CySA + Cybersecurity Analyst all-in-one exam guide.

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