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Welcome to issue 183.

This week we speed up React dev, combine React + GitHub Issues, upload with GraphQL + React Hooks and much more!


Create your Blog using Reactjs & Github Issues in 10 min

Saeed Ahmad on React + Github Issues


A Complete Beginner’s Guide to React Router (include Router Hooks)

Ibrahima Ndaw’s ultimate guide to React Router.


Best React Tutorial + GraphQL 2020!

Have you advanced your React skills in 2020?


12 VSCode Shortcuts and Tactics to Ease Development

Jsmanifest lists them.


Painless React form handling with useReactiveForm

Michael Kutateladze introduces useReactiveForm.


11 Top React Native Developer Tools for 2020

SaidHayani on Useful React Native developer tools you should know in 2020.


Maximizing Code Reuse in React

Eden Ella on how to speed-up development by sharing ReactJS components from any codebase.


GraphQL File Uploads with React Hooks, TypeScript & Amazon S3

Khalil Stemmler uses GraphQL to upload files.


Cracking The Frontend Interview: React

Hoangbkit summarizes the main points.


10 Top Javascript Libraries and Tools for an Awesome UI/UX

Eden Ella on recommended tools and libraries.


Official Redux template for Create-React-App

Initial release.

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Welcome to issue 182.

This week we hear how your React code sounds!, learn SEO in JS, do React State Management and much more!


10 Useful React Components for 2020

Eden Ella on Different React components for different occasions.


6 things about state management when writing React apps

Veeral Patel lists lessons learnt.


Best React Course 2020 Edition!

Have you updated your React skills?


SEO lessons from using JS frameworks

Jan-Willem Bobbink talks SEO in JavaScript.


React Native Starter Kits Review for 2020

Anastasia Ovchinnikova lists them.


How to add dark mode functionality with React Hooks

Aman Mittal on implementing dark mode.


Redux Toolkit 1.3.0 Alpha

Redux Toolkit gets updated.


React Native meets SwiftUI

Kureev Alexey tells us more.


The Hooks of React Router

Agney Menon on React Router 5 + React Hooks.


36 most popular JavaScript repositories on GitHub in January 2020

Iren Korkishko lists them.


How does your code sound?

Edvinas Pranka makes an orchestra play your code!

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Welcome to issue 181.

This week we build React on Raspberry Pi, use Reusable React components, test React with Cypress and much more!


Using a Raspberry Pi as Your Development Server

Jeremy Morgan’s epic React Raspberry Pi tutorial.


Building with Reusable React Components

Eden Ella builds scalable and maintainable React Apps with Reusable components.


The best React course has been updated!

Have you updated your React skills?


Gradually using TypeScript in Your React Project

Fernando Doglio safely builds and introduces React TypeScript components.


Best React Open-Source Projects

AnaFlatlogic lists her favourites.


Yarn 1 vs Yarn 2 vs NPM

Jamon Holmgren reexamines which one to use.


Testing React with Cypress.io

Damien Cosset shows how.


Deploy Gatsby to Firebase Hosting with Github Actions

Siriwatknp on automating deployment to Firebase Hosting.


Reviewing code of over 30 software development candidates

Marcin Baraniecki on lessons learnt


Memoizing React components

Raushan Sharma tells us more.


Build & publish a Modern React Component!

Kumar Abhirup gives us a walk through.

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Welcome to issue 180.

This week we update our React portfolio, see Shopify use React Native, build sticky React navbar and much more!


5 React Projects You Need In Your Portfolio

Reed Barger keeps bringing the React goodness.


React Native is the Future of Mobile at Shopify

Farhan Thawar on Shopify + React Native.


The best React course for only $97!

New year, New you!


This is how you should build and publish a Modern React Component!

Kumar Abhirup streamlines React Component.


Build a sticky navigation bar with React

Ibrahima Ndaw shows us how.


Dependency discovery in Storybook

Atanas Stoyanov on dependency tracking and analysis made for component libraries


Creating First React Native App

Sudeep Timalsina gives simple steps.


CSS Modules With React

Binod Kafle on Better Way To Style React Apps


Why Did You Render v4 Released

Vitali Zaidman on Custom hooks tracking (like React-Redux’s useSelector) and more.


Unit testing with React Testing Library

Diego Ponce García states “Writing code with no tests is like playing roulette with your client’s money.”


Web Sockets: Stream Tweets in Real-Time With No Fuss

Tarique Ejaz builds a real-time Twitter client.

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Welcome to issue 179.

This week we have a React Cheatsheet, upload with GraphQL and React, compare Components and much more!


The React Cheatsheet for 2020‬ (+ real-world examples)

Reed Barger’s React cheatsheet 2020.


How to start learning React?

The ultimate guide.


File Upload with GraphQL, Apollo Server, Hapi 18+, and React

Rohit Pandey on how to stream binary data using GraphQL.


Designing Reusable React Components

Fernando Doglio’s opinionated take on React components.


Styled Components vs. CSS Stylesheets

Nick Parsons compares them.


Redux is half of a pattern

David K. on Redux.


Authentication with React.js

Oksana Ivanchenko uses React Hooks and React Context.


Building a Global Audio Player in React Native

Dhruv shows us how.


20 Top Frontend Developers Tools in 2020

Shanika Wickramasinghe lists tools for writing, reading and maintaining frontend code in 2020


Write More Robust JavaScript: 7 Best Practices

Jsmanifest lists them.


GraphQL: the REST is history?

Stav Barak’s little intro to what GraphQL can solve.

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Welcome to issue 178.

This week we optimize React performance, Make VSCode React Again, React Accessibility and much more!


10 Ways to Optimize Your React App’s Performance

Chidume Nnamdi on optimize performance to deliver an awesome user experience.


How to learn React?

A quick guide.


10 Practices in VSCode to Hasten Your React Development Flow

Jsmanifest lists VSCode tips.


10 JavaScript Concepts You Need to Master React (+ Cheatsheet)

Reed Barger lists out the path.


The Cost of Investing Too Heavily in a JavaScript Framework

Ryan Smith on what framework to learn.


What I Learned by Transitioning from Backend to Frontend Development

Sonny Recio on switching from building products for frontend developers to building products for users.


Integrating AppCenter SDK with React Native

Said Hayani on Using AppCenter’s services in a React Native application.


Debunking the Myth: Accessibility and React

Mark Steadman does some React mythbusting.


React-spring visualizer

The missing visualizer for your react-spring UI animations.


Next.js 9.2

New features and updates.


Introducing Design Systems CLI

Tyler Krupicka introduces Design systems.

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Welcome to issue 177.

This week we outline what to learn in 2020 (React, ofcourse!), re-acknowledge Svelte won’t kill React, build a OS with React Native and much more!


JavaScript Frameworks & Topics to Learn in 2020 & the New Decade

Eric Elliott on landing a great JavaScript job.


Learn React 2020!

Make learning React your number 1 new year’s resolution!


Why Svelte won’t kill React

Kit Isaev on is React simply better?


Building LightOS with React Native

Hugh Francis explains how and why.


Dockerize a React app with Node.js backend connected to MongoDb

Vladislav Guleaev shows how.


Probably the hottest code refactoring you ever saw

Ioannis Potouridis claims.


Sharing Dependencies in Micro Frontends

Florian Rappl shows how to share dependencies in Micro Frontends


Want To Learn React in 2020? Here’s The Blueprint to Follow.

Reed Barger lists out the path.


Build A GitHub App With Flutter & GraphQL

Promise Nzubechi Amadi show to build a Github app from scratch using Flutter and GraphQL.


Converting a back-end-rendered colossus to React

Kamil Przekwas on converting a application into a React-driven single-page application (SPA).


Frontend Application Security: How We Protect Sensitive User Data

Carlos Ruana outlines web application security practices from a frontend point of view.

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Welcome to issue 176.

Happy New Year 2020!
This week we review React in 2019, build Chrome extensions with React, use React Container Patterns and much more!


Implementing the Container Pattern using React Hooks

Sonny Recio on useState hook to create a functional container component.


Learn React 2020!

Make learning React your number 1 new year’s resolution!


7 steps to understand React Redux

Ibrahima Ndaw lists them in detail.


Understanding Compound Components in React

Aayush Jaiswal on how to use React compound components


How to build Electron apps with React

Wachira_Dev builds Electron in React.


Managing states in Vuejs: Vuex and Redux

Shanika Wickramasinghe on deciding between Vuex and Redux.


Create a React Chrome Extension to Filter YouTube Videos

Jsmanifest creates a Chrome extension in React using create-react-app.


Client-side image upload in React

Asim Dahal builds a simple image uploader.


Chrome Extension starter kit built with React

Alexander Schwartzberg makes use of React, TypeScript, SCSS, Bootstrap, EsLint, Prettier & Webpack.


A Year of React: 2019 in Review

Selbekk reviews all the React news of 2019.


React for Absolute Noobs: A 7 day guide

Karan Singh lays out a plan to learn React.

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Welcome to issue 175.

Last issue of the year! Thank you for being with us through 2019!
This week we learn React Team Principles, check out the top React Libraries, setup React MircoServices and much more!


What are the React Team Principles?

Dan Abramov of the React Core Team at Facebook lists them.


Learn React before 2019 ends!

Tick tock. Tick Tock.


13 Top React Component Libraries for 2020

Fernando Doglio on useful open-source React UI libraries.


Set up React + Node.js Microservices using Docker & GraphQL.

Lucas Chen’s detailed React Microservices videos.


Structuring React code

Mathilde Wærstad goes in-depth.


11 Top React Developer Tools for 2020

Fernando Doglio on React Dev tools you need.


Replacing Redux with observables and React Hooks

Simon Trény explains how and why.


Build a Date Picker using React

Rinas Musthafa does it in 15 minutes from scratch.


React Sight — Visualise your React apps

Nishit Maheta introduces.


6 best React component libraries by category

Areknawo lists them


Two Applications, One Repository

Caroline Odden and Kent Andersen on sharing between React and React Native.

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Welcome to issue 174.

This week we read the State of JavaScript 2019, check the top React talks of 2019, compare Client Side vs Server Side Rendering, and much more!


Learn React before 2019 ends!

Join over 21,000 students and make 2020 your best year!


State of JavaScript 2019: Front End Frameworks

To nobody’s surprise, React is still the most popular and in-demand JavaScript framework.


Top React Techtalks of 2019

Kostas Mavropalias on the best React talks from 23 React conferences.


Client-side Vs. Server-side Rendering: What to choose when?

Karan Shah on the web page rendering dilemma.


Is it time to move on from Virtual DOM (React)?

Shashank Sharma on JavaScript frameworks and whats next.


Testing React apps in 2019

Kristofer Giltvedt Selbekk on Testing apps is becoming so easy.


Using the Gesture Handler in React Native

SaidHayani@ on Replacing the Gesture Responder System with the React Native Gesture Handler.


SVG to React

Twilio Labs’ utility to convert raw SVG files into accessible and extendable React Components.


Migrating a codebase to React 16: some takeaways

Alessio Biancalana on work to migrate to the new version of React.


Build an Awesome Developer Portfolio Website Using React

Trey Huffine on using Create React App to build your personal website.


Setup Azure Serverless Functions in 6 Simple Steps

William Imoh on combining React with Azure Serverless.

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