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Learn Core Data 2024 – Best Core Data Courses & Best Core Data Tutorials

Best Core Data Courses 2021


Best Core Data Tutorials 2021

Core Data and Realm – Master Data Persistence for iOS

Do you have an idea for an app that needs to save user data locally?

Do you need to know more about Core Data for your job or business?

Are you looking to hone your iOS development skills by learning about new technologies like Realm Database?

Then this course is for you!

Step by step through creating a to-do list app similar to the Clear app.

Along the way, we’ll cover all the essential topics such as:

How to use master data
How to use the Realm database
How to correctly configure a project with master data
How to embed a kingdom database using Cocoapods
How to create a to-do list app
How to save user data locally on iPhone
IOS sandboxing
IOS backend options and databases
How to store data using iOS file system and NSCoder
How to properly use UserDefaults

You will learn:
Create apps that use Core Data for local device storage
Build apps that record user data
Understand the differences between Realm and Core Data and work with both

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