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Welcome to issue 204.

This week we write React faster with VS Code, learn React Security best practices, check out React Spectrum and more!


Three Days Into Learning React: Here’s What Sunk In

Leonora Squires gives a quick overview of basic features and concepts in React


React: What are Props?

Amer Fahmy ask.


How to write Javascript and React with VS Code Faster!

Tuomo Kankaanpää tells us more.


7 security tips for your React application

Vaibhav Khulbe lists them.


The concepts that React tutorials usually skip over

DH Kim lays them out.


React Router VS Reach Router

Nathan Sebhastian asks Which React routing library should you use?


React.js security best practices

Tonya Smirnova shares React best practices for secure apps.


Adobe’s React Spectrum Libraries

A collection of libraries and tools that help you build adaptive, accessible, and robust user experiences.


4 ways to render large lists in React

Samaila Bala lists them out.


Minimalist Roadmap to Becoming a Full-Stack Developer

Eric Douglas lays out the path.

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Welcome to issue 203.

This week we learn RedwoodJS, use WebSocets and React to build games, build static React apps and more!


Summer of React 2020

Start learning React now.


React: Advanced.

Level up your React.


Before building your static site with React…

Ben Holmes gives us some food for thought


Why I Stopped Using Redux

Gabriel Abud explains why.


Getting started with RedwoodJS

Blessing Krofegha introduces RedwoodJS, a full-stack JAMstack framework built on React, GraphQL, & Prisma.


13 React DatePickers and TimePickers for 2020

Jonathan Saring lists React components and libraries.


Build your React App Faster!

Aman Jagdev gives us the steps.


Build an amazing Job Search App using React

Yogesh Chavan makes use of Github Jobs API.


Building a multiplayer game using WebSockets

Saurav M H uses React and WebSockets.


Creating a Todo List App with React (using Hooks and Contexts)

Omar Sinan shows how.


Why do we use Middlewares?

Prasun Acharjee answers with Redux.


10 Top GatsbyJS Plugins for 2020

Shanika Wickramasinghe lists the top Gatsby plugins.

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Welcome to issue 202.

This week we use Styled-JSX in React, add FaunaDB in React, compare Recoil vs Redux and more!


Do you even React?

Start learning React now.


React: Enter Level 2.

Level up your React.


How to build a website with React, Material UI, & Netlify

Sylvia Pap gives an overview.


Styled-JSX for React: How and Why

John Au-Yeung on How and why you should use styled-jsx for your React SPA and SSR apps.


How to integrate FaunaDB in React apps with Material UI

Aman Mittal guides us.


Top 7 UI libraries and kits for React

Chidume Nnamdi points them out.


10 Top Visual Code Extensions in 2020

Shaumik Daityari lists them.


15 React JS Project Ideas: Beginner to Expert

Muhammad Ali (Nerdjfpb) lays them out.


Drag and Drop Your React App with Webcodesk

Nathan Sebhastian explains Webcodesk.


Recoil vs Redux | The Ultimate React State Management Face-Off

Chandu compares.


Building Web Extensions with Reactjs – from 0 to publish!

Yash Soni builds builds Firefox and Chrome Web Extensions in React!


Testing the react-router useHistory Hook with React testing library

Paul Cowan shows how.

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Welcome to issue 201.

This week we build 30 React Apps, make React Serverless, develop React Electron apps and more!


Master React Dev

Level up your React.


Learn React in Summer 2020

Start learning React now.


30 React Apps

Hemant Joshi lists 30 React Apps which you can make.


React Visual Editors in 2020

Shanika Wickramasinghe gives an overview of top React visual editors.


4 steps to add a serverless back end to React

Dominique Péré lists them.


Build & publish multiple RN apps from the same codebase 1

Aleksander Mikucki explains.


JavaScript concepts to master before learning React

Sebastian Weber shares the concepts.


Sharing React Components between a Web App and an Electron Desktop App

Nathan Sebhastian publishes components from React web app & reuses them in a React-Electron desktop app.


Simple state management with Facebook’s new Recoil library

Ohans Emmanuel talks Recoil.


Exploring React Renders: Different Ways a Component Gets Re-Rendered.

Jasbindar Singh talks React rendering.


How to build Zelda BOTW interface with React, Tailwind & Framer-motion: 1

Florent Lagrede builds Zelda in React!


Create a Lazy-Loading Image Component with React Hooks

Jason Leung shows how.

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Welcome to issue 200.

For everyone that ever gave us a shot, Thank You.
For those that continue to stick with us, We will always make it worth your while.

This week we use React testing library, compare form libraries, demystify React Hooks and more!


How to become a React Developer by Summer

Start learning React now.


Build Full-Stack React apps.

Master React Development.


How to use React Testing Library Tutorial

Robin Wieruch’s epic guide.


React Hook Form VS Formik

Nathan Sebhastian’s comparison of the two libraries.


3 React Mistakes Junior Developers Make With Component State

Tyler Hawkins lists them


Demystifying React Hooks: useCallback and useMemo

Milu explains them.


A deep dive into React Context API

Adebiyi Adedotun explains in detail.


Reusable React Components for Headless CMS

Eden Ella on when component-driven development and component content management meet.


Why Frontend Developers Choose Gatsby Over Traditional CMS

Ashan Fernando answers why.


Everything You Need to Know About FLIP Animations in React

Kirill Vasiltsov elaborates.


Authenticating React applications with Magic Links

Samaila Bala combines them.


5 Useful and Modern Custom Hooks for your React App

Victor de la Fouchardière lists them out.

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Welcome to issue 199.

This week we bring FullStack to JAMsatck, learn Recoil, look at Reducer functions and more!


Do you want to build React apps?

Build your first React app today!


How to stop being a React Beginner.

Be an Advanced React Developer.


One Cool Trick to Simplify Reducer Functions

Eric Elliott explains it.


Learn React by building a Weather App

K G Prajwal shows how


React Project Structure Best Practices for Scalable Application

Syakir Rahman outlines.


Bring Full-Stack to the JAMstack with RedwoodJS

Nathan Sebhastian by RedwoodJS uses React, GraphQL and Prisma


Centralizing API error handling in React apps

Aggelos Arvanitakis details the process.


5 Alternatives to React Redux in 2020

Shanika Wickramasinghe lists Redux alternatives.


Create a drag-and-drop component with react-dropzone

Uzochukwu Eddie Odozi explains in detail.


Introducing Reanimated 2

Krzysztof Magiera introcues this React Native animation library.


A practical guide to integrating Google Maps in React

Ovie Okeh gives a guide.


Recoil – Ideal React State Management Library?

Alex Zavalii ponders.

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Welcome to issue 198.

This week we look at Recoil, learn React Call Order, build Memes with React and more!


35+ Free React templates and themes

Davide Pacilio lists them.


Want to build React apps?

Build your first React app today!


Stop being a React Beginner.

Be an Advanced React Developer.


Best free resources to learn React in 2020

Arek Nawo compiles them.


Getting started with React

Learn from Mozilla’s documentation.


Multiple entry points in Create React App without ejecting

Andrew James explains.


Recoil — A better React state management library?

Rajan Mali ponders the new React state management library introduced by Facebook.


Post-Hooks guide to React call order

Rafael Quintanilha outlines the process.


Things you should do as React-Native Developer

Shreyak Upadhyay tells us more.


How to implement scroll with React-gridlist

Jeremy Kithome shows how.


A Full-stack Meme Generator with React Hooks + Express

Victor de la Fouchardière uses React to build Memes.


Why you should use GatsbyJs and when not to use it

Tharun Shiv lays it out.

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Welcome to issue 197.

This week we build a Desktop React App with Electron, transform SVG with SVGR, look at React Suspense Concurrent Mode and more!


Ever built a React app?

Build your first React app today!


Want to go from React Beginner to React Master?

If yes, then click.


Building with React for All Platforms: Top Frameworks and Tools

Nathan Sebhastian lists 5 recommended frameworks and tools to help you use React.


Deploy a React + Node app to production on AWS

Asim’s detailed walkthrough on setting up a production-ready web server.


Building a React Desktop App with Electron

Shanika Wickramasinghe builds a desktop app with React and Electron.


How to create and publish your own React Component on NPM

Tanmay Sharma details the process.


5 common mistakes writing React components (with hooks) in 2020

Lorenz Weiß lists them.


Transform an SVG into a React Component with SVGR

Chidume Nnamdi shows how to transform SVGs into a collection of reusable React components.


The ultimate roundup of React form validation solutions

Wern Ancheta complies and explains.


Gatsby Raises $28M Series B

Kyle Mathews announces what this means.


Implementing Shared Element Transition in React Native

Nitish Prasad shows step by step.


How to improve developer experience with React Suspense in Concurrent Mode

Daishi Kato further explains.

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Welcome to issue 196.

This week Microsoft announces React Native for MacOS, Facebook announces Recoil, we learn React Rendering Behavior and more!


Do you want to Master React?

If yes, pick this up.


Have you built your first React app?

Build your first React app today!


Announcing React Native for macOS and more

Kiki Saintonge and the Microsoft Team announce.


Facebook announces Recoil

A state management library for React.


Sharing React Components Between an SPA and a Static Site

Eden Ella on How to share components between your React app and your Gatsby site.


A (Mostly) Complete Guide to React Rendering Behavior

Mark Erikson details how React rendering behaves, and how use of Context and React-Redux affect rendering.


5 Ways to Implement Conditional Rendering in React

Chidume Nnamdi lists the pros and cons of different conditional rendering implementations in React.


Easier React State Management with OvermindJS

Nathan Sebhastian introduces OvermindJS.


A comprehensive guide to video playback in React

Jamie Maison details React video playback.


How to Sync Your React App with the System Color Scheme

Glad Chinda’s Dark Mode Implementation Guide for React.


Animated Sparkles in React

Josh W Comeau shows step by step.


How To Mock Fetch in Jest

Leigh Halliday walks us through the process.

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Welcome to issue 195.

This week we build React Desktop apps, speed up Gatsby, wonder if React Hooks will replace React Classes and more!


Do you want to build your first React app?

Build your first React app today!


Thinking of becoming a React master?

Continue your path to React mastery.


Building Native Desktop Apps with React Node GUI

Nathan Sebhastian on How to use your ReactJS skills to build desktop apps.


Will React Classes Get Deprecated Because of Hooks?

Fernando Doglio asks and wonders.


Polling in React using the useInterval Custom Hook

Paige Niedringhaus shows useInterval.


Getting Started with the New React Navigation v5 and Ignite Bowser v5

Harris Robin shows how.


React Testing Crash Course

Gábor Soós explains.


Dealing With Stale Props and States in React’s Functional Components

Pedro Rodriguez goes in-depth.


Speed up your Gatsby application’s build time by 300% with incremental builds

Kristian Freeman introduces Gatsby Incremental Builds.


A React Roadmap for Vue Developers

Negar Jamalifard outlines the steps.


Building a Trello clone with React Hooks and GraphQL

Ganesh Mani shows step by step.


React Animation Libraries for 2020

Shanika Wickramasinghe lists React animation libraries.

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