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Best Game Music Courses & Best Game Music Tutorials 2024

Best Game Music Courses 2022


Best Game Music Tutorials 2022

Game Music Composition: Make Music For Games From Scratch

The world’s first comprehensive online course on composing music for video games that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars. Be one of the first to study the complex and often forgotten art of playing musical composition. This is the course I wish I had had when I first started, and currently there is still no full course in game composition for this price. This course is the first and aims to be the absolute BEST.

Immerse yourself in the world of game music composition. Become a skilled video game composer and be confident in your ability to create music for any type of game.

All game types: role-playing battle themes, boss fight themes, casual game music for mobile / smartphone, 8-bit chiptunes, adaptive and dynamic indie and triple A music, game character themes – this course covers everything. All without any prior musical knowledge required.

Learn all the skills you need to successfully and confidently compose and produce music for any game. From music theory, songwriting skills, digital audio workstation software, production music and even audio middleware for game engines, you will muster the skill set needed to produce high quality video game music for any gaming project.

In this project-based course, you will learn interactively by following the instructor or creating any piece of play music yourself that you desire. Almost every lecture has a challenge task, designed to test your abilities and hammer out the techniques you’ve just learned.

Just start. You won’t be overwhelmed. Musical concepts, theory and production are gradually introduced to ensure you build confidence in your musical creation abilities.

Go deep, learn the ropes. This is not just an introductory course, but delves into advanced topics that only professional game composers know. Audio Channels, Computer Chips, and more explore the technical aspects of game music.

It’s not just a composition course, it’s a whole music production course. Learn the entire music production pipeline, from idea development and composition to mixing and mastering.

We will use and cover many types of software:

FL Studio: Beginners will learn how to use one of the most popular digital audio workstation programs. Advanced students can use their favorite DAWs.

FMOD: Learn how to effectively use this audio middleware with game engines and learn the two essential FMOD techniques.

Unity 5: Learn to use Unity Game Engine with audio middleware and set up a fully functional game scene, with adaptive / dynamic music, created from scratch.

Audacity: Learn how to use this free and open source audio editor to add that extra touch to your music.

So let’s go, you will be amazed at how quickly he has become a proficient game music composer.

You will learn:

Compose original high quality video game music for any game type and genre, for your own game or for someone else’s game.
Start or continue your career as a game music composer.
Understand a bit of music theory, music composition, music production, and general knowledge of game music.

Film, TV, & Video Game Music Composition + Production Basics

In this updated 2022 version, additional hours of bonus content have been added to cover more intermediate and advanced topics, including:

How to Train at Professional Composition Speed

How to Create DAW Templates

How to create a realistic sampled orchestra

How to earn your first dollars

How to grow a music business from scratch

Most of the basic content that originally made this course such a success is still here and will teach you all the basics you need to write music for movies, TV, and video games. The only prerequisite for this course is that you have access to a Mac or PC. We will use notation software and a digital audio workstation (DAW) to write music on a computer, but don’t worry if you don’t have music software yet. Several free options are available and we will cover them as needed throughout the course.

You will learn:

Compose and produce music on a computer for movies, television and video games
Mix and master high quality music
Buy the right music equipment for the best results
Choose and use a digital audio workstation (DAW)
Write effective melodies and harmonies
Compose in multiple styles and genres
Record live instruments
Efficiently edit audio and MIDI
Notate scores and chord charts
Basic to advanced music theory
Synthesize and sample electronic music
Orchestrate from the piano to the large ensemble
Basics of film music
Music Basics for TV and Movie Trailers
Video game music basics
Create a successful portfolio and demo
(2022) Bonus Content: How to Train for Professional Composition Speed
(2022) Bonus Content: How to Create DAW Templates
(2022) Bonus Content: How to Make a Realistic Sampled Orchestra
(2022) Bonus Content: How To Earn First Dollars
(2022) Bonus Content: How To Build A Music Business From Scratch

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