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Learn Gradle 2024 – Best Gradle Courses & Best Gradle Tutorials

Best Gradle Courses 2021


Best Gradle Tutorials 2021

The Gradle Masterclass

In this course, you will learn about Gradle from A to Z. Starting with the cornerstones of Gradle; domain-specific language or DSL, domain object model and lifecycle.

Gradle relies heavily on what is known as a domain specific language or DSL.

For a long time Groovy has been Gradles going to DSL. So it makes sense to start there and I’ll give you a good understanding of how to use Groovy with Gradle, so you can get the most out of both. Later in the course, I will also look at the use of Kotlin as DSL and the IDE support available for this amazing programming language.

How Gradle works from the inside out, looking at the Gradle lifecycle. You will understand that mastering the lifecycle of Gradle and the associated domain objects is the key to achieving that “A-ha!” moment with Gradle. (That alone will put your streets ahead of other developers.) You will learn that mastering the wide variety of domain objects that come with Gradle and its “ plugins ” is another key to unleashing the power of Gradle.

From simple Java projects to complex multi-project Java web applications – these can be easily managed by Gradle and with the examples used in this course you will have a lot of advice and experience to use on your own projects and lead the way forward. Creating world-class, cutting-edge build scripts, with arguably the most powerful and modern build tool on the planet! In this course the basics of the Groovy language used by Gradle, later in the course I also cover the use of Kotlin. Go deeper into the Gradle lifecycle and how to connect to it, so we can fully experience the power of Gradles. Cover a variety of Gradles domain objects and how to successfully manipulate them, as well as ‘Plugins’ – especially the Java plugin. The Gradle ‘Wrapper is also covered in detail.

You will learn:

A high level of competence in the creation of simple or complex Java multi-project builds
Write Gradle Build scripts using Groovy or Kotlin programming languages
Know what the Gradle lifecycle is and how to take advantage of it!
Know what Gradle Domain objects are and how to use them
Know how to get the most out of ‘Plugins’
Gain in-depth knowledge of the Gradle authoring tool

Gradle Fundamentals

Gradle is a comprehensive build tool and dependency manager for programming projects. Gradle can automate the creation, testing, release, deployment and more of software packages or other types of projects like generated static websites, generated documentation or anything else. In this course, students will learn basic Gradle concepts and how to use Gradle to manage building, testing, and deploying your Java application. We will first go over some Gradle basics and how to create a Java project with Gradle, add a dependency to a project, and create a library module. We will also cover the structure of the Gradle project, the Gradle tasks, Gradle in the cloud, etc.

You will learn:
Learn and understand the fundamentals of Gradle.
Learn how to set up and use Gradle.
Learn how to create a Java project with Gradle.
How to create Gradle tasks and use Gradle in the cloud.
How to add a dependency to a project and create a library module.
Discover the structure of the Gradle project.

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