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Learn Internal Auditing 2024 – Best Internal Auditing Courses & Best Internal Auditing Tutorials

Best Internal Auditing Courses 2021


Best Internal Auditing Tutorials 2021

Certified Quality Auditor Training

This course teaches the principles and practices of effective audits in accordance with iso 19011, “guidelines for auditing management systems”.

You will learn auditing skills through short, easy-to-understand video lessons and quizzes.

You can use this course for two purposes:

1. Pass the asq cqa certification exam

2. Understand and implement the principles of quality auditing to improve the performance of an organization

Note: we are not an asq® representative. Asq® is the registered trademark of the american society for quality.

1. Preparation for the asq cqa certification exam:

Asq® updated the certified quality auditor (cqa) body of knowledge effective june 2019. This course is fully aligned with the updated body of knowledge.

Sections and marks assigned to each section of the asq® cqa exam:

Section I basic principles of auditing

Section ii audit process

Section iii competences of auditors

Section iv management of the auditor program and operational applications

Section v quality tools and techniques

2. Learn quality audit to improve the performance of the organization:

Train your internal auditors and members of the quality management team to understand the basics of quality auditing principles and apply best practices in this area.

Learn the principles and practice of auditing requirements.

Lead Auditor Tools for a Professional Internal Audit

What is an audit and its benefits?

Why do internal audits often seem like a waste of time?

How to prepare questions for the audit?

How to effectively document during the audit?

How to write a killer report in minimum time?

An internal audit is an excellent PREVENTIVE tool for detecting problems before damage.

An ineffective audit is a waste of time and money for the organization.

But if the audit reveals the shortcomings of the business and saves operating costs, that’s exactly what management will appreciate.

Just imagine what impact this can have on your professional career, if you did an effective audit it would bring positive change.

In this course, you will learn how to perform a professional internal audit, answering all of the above questions, plus:

Types of audits

Optimal duration and content of the audit

Drafting of an audit plan

The best audit opening ever

The psychology of the audit

Make the best fence

Management of comments on the report

Being one click away from a hands-on course, which will give you the opportunity to do an internal audit like a pro, is a great place to be.

Internal Auditing Part I

Learn internal auditing and be able to audit any process within a week.

The sole objective of this course is to turn internal audit beginners into masters in just seven days!

This course was created by Rethabiseng Erica Mosinyi, who has extensive experience as an internal auditor in different industries.

After this course, you will be able to audit any process in any industry.

It can also be used by those who are already in the audit field as a reference guide and if you are preparing for the CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) exams you will definitely need it.

Besides the videos, we’ve also included lecture notes that you can print or transfer to any gadget of your choice for on-the-go reading. You will also find audio files in MP3 format to use.

At the end of each section, you will have the chance to test yourself with our quizzes before moving on to the next one.

This course should take a total of one week to fully understand the processes.

You will learn:
Understand the purpose of internal audit, why audits are conducted.
Be able to identify and explain risks, controls and other important terms of internal audit.
Learn about the controls that can be used to protect your organization and assets against various risks
Be equipped to conduct an audit from start to finish.

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