Welcome to issue 92.

This week we combine React with Google’s Material Design, build our own React Boilerplate, test React.js with Cypress, and much more!


Material-UI v1 is out

Olivier Tassinari discusses React components that implement Google’s Material Design.


How to build your own React boilerplate

Seth Alexander teaches us step by step to make a React Boilerplate.


Best React.js tutorials: New & Improved!

In an all new easy to read design! Check it out and tell us what you think!


Learn Web Design & Development By O’Reilly for $1!

The Ultimate Web Design & Development Books collection by O’Reilly for the lowest price ever. Seriously, you do not want to miss this!


Testing React Apps with Cypress

Rajat S gives a brief guide on how to run End-To-End testing on React apps with Cypress.


React and Firebase for hosting web apps

Ashish Nandan Singh shows how.


Prop Drilling

Kent C. Dodds explains what it is, why it’s good, why it’s bad, and how to avoid common problems with it.


Effortless animation with React 16.3+ & Popmotion Pose

Dan Webb shows how to add advanced custom animations to an actual React project.


React 16 — What can it do for you? — Part 2

Rajat S further details React 16’s powerful new features.


Building a Shared UI Component Library

Jonathan Saring gives 5 Opinionated tips for building a shared Javascript UI component library that people will adopt.


How to deploy React to Netlify from Google Sheet

Sergiy Dybskiy covers how to connect Google spreadsheet, React application, and Netlify.


Learning React.js by building Minesweeper

Sandip Shrestha builds the classic Minsweeper game using React.js.

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