Welcome to issue 33.

This week we review books that show you how make awesome visualizations with D3.js, instantly make a GraphQL server, relish that Reactjs is taking over and much more!


D3.js books to learn epic data visualizations.

D3.js has become the standard JavaScript library for building beautiful visualizations. Did you know that you can use D3.js with ReactJS ?!


Yes, React is taking over front-end development.

Here are a few reasons why React has become so popular so quickly.


create-graphql-server — instantly scaffold a GraphQL server

Announcing a tool to build a GraphQL server in two commands


Powering UberEATS with React Native

While it would be premature to call React Native the silver bullet of mobile app development, it did seem to fit the UberEATS use case very well.


React Lifecycle Methods- how and when to use them

The life of a React component, from birth (pre-mounting) and death (unmounting).


Introducing glamorous

A styled-components and jsxstyle inspired solution for styling React Components from PayPal


React Native 101: Build your first mobile app

This is React Native 101: A post to help you build your first mobile app, even if all you’ve ever done is write JavaScript.


Break Down Isomorphic and Universal Boilerplate: React-Redux server rendering

Since React and Redux was born, I was hooked.


Why you might want a GraphQL client

Sending requests, ensuring consistent UI, and updating the store.


Simple React Development in 2017

Hi, aspiring React developer!

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