Last updated on April 19th, 2017

Welcome to issue 34.

This week we review books that teach you programming best practices to make your code epic, see what exactly is GraphQL, make Tesla in Reactjs & Redux (kinda!), make WhatsApp in React Native and much more!


Programming books that will teach you all the best practices.

These programming books will teach you the best practices required to turn your good code into great code.


So what’s this GraphQL thing I keep hearing about?

GraphQL is a syntax that describes how to ask for data, and is generally used to load data from a server to a client.



Fullstack Engineer at FR8Star in Oakland

We are looking for a Fullstack Engineer to help us revolutionize the trucking industry.


ReactXP — First Look

ReactXP is a new Library by Microsoft for building cross platform apps that run on iOS, Android, Windows, and the web.


Dissecting WhatsApp Layout via React Native

Flexbox In React Native


React Snapshot Testing with Jest: What is it for?

Since version 14.0, Jest comes with a new Snapshot feature.


How to Use Subscriptions in GraphiQL

Easily test GraphQL subscriptions from your browser.


Code-splitting with Webpack on the component level

Following based practices of modern Web development we minimize and bundle JS in a single file to the client.


Flux: A Comprehensive Study

Flux is a new kind of architecture that Facebook uses when it works with React.


Webpack and Rollup: the same but different

Facebook merged a monster pull request into React that replaced webpack with Rollup.


Building Tesla with React (Part 2: Redux version)

This tutorial is the second part of building Tesla’s battery range calculator with React.

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