Last updated on April 21st, 2017

Welcome to issue 35.

This week we see what’s changing in the world of react from F8, explore ReactVR, try to figure out Relay Modern and much more!


Python books to write great scripts and applications.

These books will teach you how to write great Python code.


React VR: Build amazing VR experiences using React

Learn how React VR builds upon React Native, and how the supporting layers and libraries interact.


Relay Modern: Simpler, faster, more extensible

Relay Modern, a new version of Relay designed from the ground up to be easier to use, more extensible and, most of all, able to improve performance on mobile devices.


Evolution of React & GraphQL at Facebook & Beyond

With cutting-edge rendering and data-fetching, React and GraphQL continue to revolutionize modern apps.


CodeSandbox — An online React editor

CodeSandbox: an online code editor with a focus on sharing projects in React.


Exploring Relay Modern

Everything you need to know about the latest release candidate of Facebook’s JavaScript GraphQL client


React Native Performance :  Updated

In order to architect performant React Native apps, we must keep passes over the bridge to a minimum.


Benefits of Server Side Rendering Over Client Side Rendering

Due to the benefits of SSR, when we transformed our stack to React and Nodejs, we put a lot of time and effort in optimizing SSR performance.


React Move

Beautifully animate anything in React


Reactive Search

A React components library for building awesome search UIs


Twitter & High Performance React Progressive Web Apps at Scale

A look into removing common and uncommon performance bottlenecks in one of the worlds largest React.js PWAs, Twitter Lite.

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