Welcome to issue 38.

This week we learn what Facebook’s Prepack is, make React faster, learn the tao of Redux, use AWS with Reactjs, learn about Yelp using GraphQL, checkout the best PHP books and much more!


Facebook’s Prepack: The Next Killer In JavaScript

Prepack has developed by Facebook and it is under active development. with React.


ESLint, Prettier & Flow in VSCode for React Development

This short guide will provide you a consistent and reusable development workflow for all React/React Native projects.



Write amazing PHP code

PHP is probably the most popular web language. We review books that show you how and why you should use PHP.


Interactive Applications with React & D3

Bringing together D3.js and React is one of those things. This excerpt is from a book featured in our D3js book review.


Testing React Native Applications: Jest

When I started with React Native not long ago I was frustrated by the overwhelming amount of irrelevant information on how to test React applications.


45% Faster React Functional Components

one easy change you can apply to your React code to get a free speedup.


Serverless Stack: Creating & deploying React to AWS

Create a note taking app from scratch using React.js, AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, and Cognito.


Building a great scrollable list in React Native with FlatList

React Native enables you to use the same programming language and mental model you use to write web applications to create great native mobile experiences


Experimental: Syntax AI with React.js

An inline editor assistant that is context aware of your projects code and dependencies.


Introducing Yelp’s Local Graph using GraphQL

Today, we’re releasing access to query our data via GraphQL, a graph query language.


The Tao of Redux, Part 1: Implementation & Intent

Thoughts on what Redux requires, how Redux is intended to be used, and what is possible with Redux.

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