Welcome to issue 40.

This week we read about Slack’s Emoji Picker in React, optimizing React rendering, use a unified styling language with React, master C# and much more!


A Unified Styling Language

In the past few years we’ve seen the rise of CSS-in-JS, emerging primarily from within the React community. This, of course, hasn’t been without its controversies.


Rebuilding Slack’s Emoji Picker in React

Slack is transitioning its web client to React. When Slack was first built, our frontend consisted of established technologies like jQuery and Handlebars.



Master C#

C# is one of the most popular languages to write applications in. We review books that teach you everything about C#.


Building an Authentication Flow with React Navigation

I’m asked fairly often about setting up an autentication flow with React Navigation.


Apollo Optics is now free for small projects

Fine-grained monitoring and analytics for your GraphQL API


Announcing styled-components v2

After a six month long iteration process and over 300 commits we’re super excited to announce the official release of styled-components v2!


Optimizing React Rendering (Part 1)

We migrated our web app to React almost 3 years ago, and since React performs extremely well out of the box, optimizing performance was not something we had to worry about.


Which Projects Need React? All Of Them!

When does a project need React? That’s the question Chris Coyier addressed in a recent blog post.


Deploy a live ReactJS/Redux website in under 10 minutes

Ever had an webapp idea that you wanted to quickly prototype and send to people?


What I’ve learned from React Europe 2017

Few days ago, the 3rd edition of the biggest React conference in Europe took place in Paris.


Build pure react SVG maps with topojson & d3-geo

Since d3 has been split into smaller components, making declarative SVG maps with react, topojson, and d3-geo has never been easier.

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