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This week we read about Storybook getting upgraded, Serverless render with React using Redux, Responsive UIs in React Native, Make apps with swift and much more!


Announcing Storybook 3.0

webpack2, create-react-native-app, snapshot testing++, & more!


Responsive UIs in React Native

React Native enables you to build native apps using web development skills. And yet, in web development, we never assume fixed dimensions.



Make Apple apps using Swift

Swift is the preferred and popular way to make Apple Applications. We review books that teach will teach you how to make apps using Swift.


graphql-tools: A simpler way to create GraphQL APIs

UI developers love GraphQL because it lets them fetch data quickly and efficiently, without having to make multiple API calls or trying to make sense of outdated documentation.


Migrating from Mocha to Jest

A Tale of Adventure, Ambition and JavaScript Unit Tests


React Serverless server-side rendering using Redux or MobX

Nearly two years ago, I started using React and I’ve always been curious about doing server-side rendering, but never bothered.


Learning to test React Native with Jest(part 1)

When we transitioned our mobile app from native code to React Native, testing was the last thing on our mind.


Understanding Higher Order Components

Making sense of the rapidly changing React best practice.


Real Time GraphQL: Chat (Part 1 Server)

This is what is I love about GraphQL technologies, they are optimized for the majority use case and give you alternative methods to keeping data fresh:


Moving API requests in React to Redux-Saga’s

have developed several React-based applications.


Make React Fast Again [Part 2]: why-did-you-update

React is usually pretty fast, but it’s easy to make small mistakes that lead to performance issues.

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