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This week we look at the new changes and updates in Reactjs, do frontend dev with React & Redux, handle state in Reactjs, write iPhone apps with Objective-C and much more!


Grab’s 500+ engineers all use this front end development guide

Front end development has never been so complex and exciting as it is today. New tools, libraries, frameworks, and plugins emerge every other day. There is so much to learn.


React v15.6.0

As we prepare for React 16.0, we have been fixing and cleaning up many things. This release continues to pave the way.



Write iPhone & iPad apps with Objective-C

Objective-C is the most trusted and popular way to write apps for iPhone, iPad and Macs. We review books that teach will teach you how to write great applications with Objective-C.


5 ways we improved our React Native app

A real world scenario of enhancing performances.


Handling State in React: Four Immutable Approaches to Consider

Perhaps the most common point of confusion in React today: state.


From React to an Electron app ready for production

I used create-react-app (CRA) to bootstrap the app so I was assuming that wrapping it in an Electron shell would be easy-peasy. Turns out it’s a bit more complicated…


Use Webpack’s new “magic comment” feature with React Universal Component + SSR

Webpack 2.4.0, which came out a few weeks ago, launched with a very interesting new feature: “magic comments.”


Why I Chose React Over Vue

React and Vue are ostensibly very similar and I have shipped projects using both.


Reducing our Redux code with React Apollo

I’m a firm believer that the best code is no code. More code often leads to more bugs and more time spent maintaining it.


Create React App with Express in Production

You’ve got a React app, and an API server written in Express or something else. Now – how do you deploy them both to production?


Implementing GraphQL at Major League Soccer

We’re working hard at MLS to redefine our user’s experience, and as part of this redesign we wanted to focus on surfacing more data.



React Riot – June 24-25th – Sign up now!

The biggest online React hackathon takes place soon! Sign up for free now and compete with the best React devs from around the globe!

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