Welcome to issue 58.

This week we look at React 16 (finally!), discuss the new licensing updates to React, React Native & GraphQL, use Power BI for data visualizations and much more!


React v16.0

React 16 released.


Relicensing React, Jest, Flow, and Immutable.js

Relicense React, Jest, Flow, and Immutable.js under the MIT license.



Epic data visualizations with Power BI.

Learn to view your data like never before with Power BI.


What’s New With Server-Side Rendering in React 16

A quick introduction to the new features in React 16 SSR, including arrays, performance, streaming, and more.


React Native + Webpack + HMR

Hot Module Replacement support to Haul, a command line tool for developing React Native apps based on Webpack.


Easily Build Forms in React Native

If you’re building a React Native app it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll have to build at least one form.


Relicensing the GraphQL specification

Insights from implementing GraphQL.


GraphQL First in practice at Quri

Bringing GraphQL efficiencies to non JavaScript environment.


Fractal — A react app structure for infinite scale

After having worked with React and flux (Redux) with over 8 significant projects (100+ screens each), we learnt a few things about React apps.


Build Your Own React — A Step By Step Guide

In this post I’ll create a full working version of react step by step.


7 architectural attributes of a reliable React component

Luckily, reliable components have common characteristics. Let’s study these 7 useful criterias, and detail into case studies.



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