Last updated on November 9th, 2017

Welcome to issue 63.

This week we debug React in Visual Studio Code, use GraphQL fragments, use React Styled Components, do everything with Perl and much more!


When do I know I’m ready for Redux?

Using Redux, the problems it solves and the benefits.


I’ve seen heaven & it’s written in JavaScript

Why React Native is the Future



Do everything with Perl

Perl is called the Swiss Army chainsaw of scripting languages. Learn Perl and do everything from system administration, network programming, finance, bioinformatics, GUIs and more.


React Component Patterns

Stateful x Stateless, Container x Presentational, HOCs, Render Callbacks and more


Migrating Slack’s Desktop App to BrowserView

Slack’s use of Redux and React.


Impress Your Friends With Code Splitting in React

Optimizing React builds


React Call Return: What & Why

Compose with React in new places


The 1–2–3’s of React Native Templates

Create custom, reusable, sharable React Native scaffolds with Project Templates.


React and Redux with TypeScript

Learn React and Redux in TypeScript.


GraphQL API Gateway & GraphQL Native

Given the rapid adoption of GraphQL, more and more architectural patterns are emerging.


Thunks in Redux: The Basics

What Thunks Are, What They Solve, & Other Options



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