Last updated on August 24th, 2018

Welcome to issue 86.

This week we learn React.js in 5 mins, build React animations with react-spring, make a React Native YouTube clone, and much more!


Learn React.js in 5 minutes

Per Harald Borgen gives a quick introduction to the popular JavaScript library.


React animation library: react-spring

Paul Henschel tells us why React needed yet another animation library.


Learn Docker

React Native

React Native YouTube Replica

Marlon Decosta walks us through on how to build YouTube.


React Context API: Toggle between local & global state

Diego Haz shows us how.


Compose Render Props

Kent C. Dodds tells us one of the reasons he’s so excited about render props.

React Native

Sending events to JavaScript from React Native

Piotr Drapich details how to pass something through your bridge.


Introducing Learn Storybook

Dominic Nguyen introduces you Storybook by building a working UI.


Deploy Prisma to Fargate by Docker & CloudFormation

Graphcool teaches how to use the new AWS ECS container service Fargate to deploy a Prisma Cluster with a connected database.


SSR Split Testing & Analytics with React, Redux & Next.js

Patrick Lee Scott shows the process of building simple split-testing functionality with Next.js, Redux & React.


Quick Guide to TDD in React

Michał Baranowski implements Test-Driven Development (TDD) in React.js.

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