Last updated on May 11th, 2018

Welcome to issue 90.

This week we look at React States, learn how JSX works, use MobX, and much more!


The React State Museum

Gant Laborde lists the hottest state management libs for React


JSX can do that?

Rodrigo Pombo explains how JSX works and then use it in “unusual” ways.


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Ditching setState for MobX

Nader Dabit supercharges & simplifies your React workflow.


5 Tools For Faster Development In React

Jonathan Saring lists 5 tools to speed the development of your React UI components and applications.


Testing your React App with Puppeteer & Jest

Rajat S shows how to use Puppeteer & Jest to perform End-to-End Testing on your React App.


Bind event handlers in React Class Components

Saurabh Misra shows us how.


Mixing Component Patterns

Kent C. Dodds makes a component that supports Components and Patterns.


Building a Progressive Web App in React

Stelios Constantinides builds it with Firebase’s new Firestore for offline support.


Build React apps with TDD & React Testing Library

Ian Wilson details how to build sturdy React apps.


The best way to bind event handlers in React

Charlee Li tells us more.

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