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Learn Latin 2024 – Best Latin Courses & Best Latin Tutorials

Best Latin Courses 2021


Best Latin Tutorials 2021

Wheelock’s Latin : Chapters 1-15 Lectures

Over the years of teaching Latin from the excellent and rightfully famous “Wheelock’s Latin” textbook, I have created a lecture series designed to help students learn Latin online and get the most out of it. this wonderful book. There you will find advice on some of the more complex grammar concepts – English and Latin – which are often an insurmountable obstacle to progress in Latin for modern students. Conferences will not replace Wheelock text. They will only hopefully make your ramp more fluid. To this end, the lectures follow exactly the chapters of the manual. This will give you “contextual” help when you need it.

You will not find answers to the exercises or anything that is copyrighted by the publisher of the Wheelock book. To take advantage of these lectures, you must have the text Wheelock. A typical college-level class will cover the first 15 chapters of the first semester; a high school class will cover them in the first year. Take this Learn Latin course online now and learn Latin with Wheelock Latin Chapters 1 to 15

An Introduction to Classical Latin

Learn the basics of classical Latin in this first of two introductory courses. Students taking this course will learn basic Latin grammar and syntax, as well as a comprehensive vocabulary, which develops with each lesson.

The benefits of taking this course include:

Learn the paternal language of all the romantic languages ​​(Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French). It is a great bridge language to learn many new languages ​​in the future.

– Learn the etymology of thousands of English words which derive their meaning from Latin.

– Learning the mechanics of a new language will help students better understand grammar in their own language.

Material included:

– Short lectures of 3 to 7 minutes for each lesson

– Document accompanying each course subject, which includes a list of 10 to 15 vocabulary words

– Phrases to translate from Latin to English and from English to Latin

– Self-test exams every five chapters

– Answer key for exams and translation exercises

– Bonus vocabulary list

Latin Language: The Pronunciation of Ecclesiastical Latin

This course is designed to guide you from the fundamental sounds of Ecclesiastical Latin to reading key texts clearly, confidently, and correctly. In addition, you will learn to read aloud any text you may come across: Gregorian and Ambrosian chants, Latin operas, Latin prayers, the Latin Bible, etc. Great care has been taken in the design and development of this course to ensure you will not just teach Parrot the correct pronunciation but understand why the texts sound the way they do. If you are a student of ecclesiastical Latin or a member of a choir or actor keen to learn to read Latin texts in an authentic voice, this course is for you!

Latin I , First Quarter

This course covers the very first step in learning the Latin language. It explains the declension of nouns (from 1st to 5th) and explains the basic functions of the five Latin cases (nominative, genitive, dative, accusative and ablative). It covers basic sentence structure, syntax and grammar. It explores subject verb chords, noun genres, and the conjugation of the linking verb ESSE (to be).

The course requires students to have access to the Henle Latin First Year (paperback or digital book) as well as the grammar reference book (paperback or digital book). Acquiring “Looking at Latin” may be helpful but not necessary.

This first trimester should last approximately ten (10) weeks. The work includes the study of lectures (videos), memorization work (vocabulary, declension, conjugation and grammar rules) and written work (exercises).

After completing this course, the logical step is to register for Latin I, Second Quarter. Note that Henle, Latin First Year is covered in Latin I and Latin II. Latin II is already available and Latin III too.

This course, if taken seriously, will give you a very solid foundation in the language of Caesar and Cicero. And it might actually meet some homeschooling requirements for high school foreign language credits.

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