Learning React: A Hands-On Guide to Building Maintainable, High-Performing Web Application User Interfaces Using the React JavaScript Library by Kirupa Chinnathambi is a hands-on guide to building high-performing applications in ReactJS. That might be the longest title for a ReactJS book! Kirupa Chinnathambi has been in web development since 1999 and is a Program Manager in Microsoft.

Learning React is a very new book, having been released recently and as a result is one of the most up to date ReactJS book out at the moment. Learning React is written in a crisp, fresh and clean style, helping you understand the fundamentals of ReactJS quite easily and how to build great applications using it. Infused with humour, Learning React serves as a great introduction to learn React as it breaks down complex topics into easily understandable chunks. This book is also very nicely designed and makes reading it a joy.

Learning React teaches you how to build components and combine them with other components to build complex UIs. The book shows you how to add styling to your React app. Learning React also teaches you how to use JSX, BabelJS, Webpack and other tools to shape your ReactJS workflow and make it more effective and efficient. Learning React guides you from making a basic ReactJS application to creating complex multi page apps.

Learning React is a great book for beginners and serves as the perfect introduction to ReactJS. ReactJS might not be beginner-friendly, but this book makes it very easy to get started with ReactJS. If you are looking for a solid way to start learning ReactJS, Learning React is exactly what you need.

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