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Learn Lumafusion 2024 – Best Lumafusion Course & Best Lumafusion Tutorials

Best Lumafusion Courses 2021


Best Lumafusion Tutorials 2021

LumaFusion Ver 2+ for Beginners

Discover all the features you need to create engaging video content, whether it’s for sharing with friends and family or for business use. Learn how to create your own video creations on the go using the most popular mobile video editor: LumaFusion. Basic features of LumaFusion
How to use these features in your video projects
Convenient use of Luma Fusion in editing on the go
Tips and tricks to get the most out of your mobile edition

Edit videos like a pro without the need for professional equipment. Learn how to use Luma Fusion as well as the basics of creating a great video using nothing more than an iOS device and Luma Fusion. Luma Fusion is used by many professionals and hobbyist designers around the world for powerful editing on the go. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned journalist making a story in a foreign country or a family member creating engaging vacation videos, you can do it all with the software.

Suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to use this software at the same time and how to create engaging video projects. You don’t need any prior knowledge of this but a basic knowledge of how to use the iOS device of your choice.

You will learn all the skills you need to start creating right away as well as the flexibility of Luma Fusion. Open up many possibilities for creative expression using video as a tool.

We’ll also go through some hands-on work so you can see actual use of some of the features you’ve learned. I will also be adding new content as new features are added to Luma Fusion so that it is a tool to stay up to date with Luma Fusion and its capabilities.

iPhone Filmmaking: Filmic Pro & LumaFusion video editing app

This iPhone Videography and Film Making course offers in-depth, real-life filming tutorials for the Filmic Pro and LumaFusion video editing apps.

It will walk you through iPhone video applications, equipment, setups, and professional iPhone video production methods.

Master professional apps like Filmic Pro and LumaFusion Video Editor, and learn the methods used by top video makers.

The instructor will teach you how to use the multiple cameras of an iPhone 11 Pro to capture high quality photos using professional Filmic Pro apps and edit them with Luma Fusion video editor.

Here’s what this course will cover:

Camera settings

Presets for standard shots

Equipment configurations

Editing clips in the LumaFusion video editor

LOG and LUT mode

Production of anamorphic films

Creative plans

Stabilization techniques

Configurations for shooting

Audio editing in Lumafusion

Exporting and archiving video projects

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