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Learn Netlify 2024 – Best Netlify Courses & Best Netlify Tutorials

Best Netlify Courses 2021


Best Netlify Tutorials 2021

Netlify – The Complete Guide 2021 (FullStack Serverless)

Netlify / AWS newbies are welcome
This course is a comprehensive guide to Netlify. I’m assuming you don’t have any previous experience with Netlify or Amazon web service.
We start with the basics of building blocks and walk you through the features step by step.

Discover the fastest way to build and deploy web applications
If you have your website, you just need to drag and drop your website into Netlify, and it deploys to Netlfiy CDN in seconds. It’s as simple as that.
And you set up your git repo with Netify, you get continuous deployments out of the box.

Netlify identity, forms, serverless features and many more
You don’t need to start servers, configure API gateway. Just write a function without a Netlify server. Netlify deploys them as an API for you.
Every web application has form submissions. These are very delicate and take a long time. I’ll show you how to use Netlify Forms, a separate service dedicated to forms. You can perform actions on your form submissions without writing serverless functions.
We set up Netlify Identity so that you get authorization, authentication, login with Google, subscription with Github, and many more.
Netlify is getting a lot of success these days because many people think that AWS is too complicated to host web applications.
Recently Netlify passed 1 million developers and they recently revised their pricing plans. You get enough features in the free plan.

You will learn:
Learn Netlify from scratch. A new approach to faster, more secure websites.
Connect the entire JAMstack ecosystem to build apps faster.
Netlify user identity, instant forms, serverless functions, analytics, split testing and deployments, mainstream media …
How to start your own blog with Netlify CMS, How Gatsby and Netlify go hand in hand.
Discover the modern way to instantly build and deploy websites.

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