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Learn Nuxtjs 2024 – Best Nuxtjs Courses & Best Nuxtjs Tutorials

Best Nuxtjs Courses 2021


Best Nuxtjs Tutorials 2021

Nuxt.js – Vue.js on Steroids

Vue.js is an amazing JavaScript framework that you can use to create very attractive user interfaces and single page apps. You can join my bestselling Vue.js course here on Udemy if you want to learn more about this awesome framework!

Nuxt.js takes it to the next level!

It’s a library for Vue.js (a kind of “framework for a framework”) and it adds two major things to Vue.js:

Server-side rendering of your Vue app out of the box

Easy configuration of Vue app via folders and files

Learn all the details in this Nuxtjs course, but the most important point to remember is that Nuxt.js makes it a lot easier to build better, better, and better Vue apps – and all without adding overhead.

In this Nuxtjs course, I’ll teach you how to build Nuxt / Vue apps from scratch! We will create a complete Nuxtjs course project and dive into the basic functionality offered by Nuxt.js.

At the end of the Nuxtjs course, you will have a full Vue app, built with Nuxt.js, which can be rendered on the server (or as a static website!) And is highly optimized.

The Nuxtjs course will teach you …

… what exactly is Nuxt.js and how it connects to Vue.js

… how you use Nuxt.js to build better Vue apps

… everything you need to know about the “configure via folders and files” approach taken by Nuxt

… different construction possibilities such as SSR applications, SPAs or a static web page

… how you build an entire project, including authentication, via Nuxt.js

Nuxt JS with Laravel API – Building SSR Vue JS Apps

This Nuxtjs course is designed to take you from zero to hero to build a complete interface of your web application using Nuxt JS.

So why learn Nuxt js?

Mainly because it helps you to build Vue js apps in the best way. Nuxt comes with server-side routing and rendering out of the box. With Nuxt, you can build Single Page Application (SPA), Static Site, and Fully Server-Side Rendered (SSR) web applications. These apps tend to be extremely fast and performant!

And if you are already familiar with Vue JS, Nuxt js will be very easy for you to learn. With Nuxt JS, you will continue to become a better Vue JS developer … and not to mention … Vue JS is the most popular and beloved JavaScript framework in the world of late.

Why learn API development?

Well, Laravel is a developer’s dream. It gives you so much out of the box, no matter how big your project is, you will be able to develop and scale your app in no time.

Laravel is currently the world’s most popular web framework for building fullstack web applications. You can create any kind of server side applications with. And better API support has been added to this amazing framework in recent releases.

So who is this Nuxtjs course for?

This Nuxtjs course is intended for people with at least a basic knowledge of Vue JS. And for people who are already familiar with Laravel Basics but want to dive into API development.

However, you can skip the Laravel part and only continue with Nuxt JS if you want to avoid writing your own backend API.

So in short, this is the only Nuxtjs course on Udemy that teaches you how to build your own API with Laravel and also how to interface with Nuxt JS. This Nuxtjs course starts with the absolute basics of Nuxt JS. Then he goes over all the fundamentals of Nuxt JS. You will also build a project while learning Nuxt and also deploy to Firebase hosting.

Once you understand everything about Nuxt, you will move on to Laravel. With Laravel, you will learn how to build a powerful backend with everything you want to include like authentication, CRUD, likes, relationships, API resources and more …

This Nuxtjs course is your gateway to the present and future of modern web development, where the backend is separated from the frontend. All in all, this Nuxtjs course has all the ingredients to make you a truly complete web developer !!!

Regarding the Nuxtjs course, I will personally help students through the Q&A section of Udemy, so if you ever get stuck you won’t be alone. I will be there to help you.

Finally, Udemy has a 30 day money back guarantee! So if for some reason you are not satisfied you can get your money back. It’s totally risk-free!

So join me in this Nuxtjs course and master API Driven Web Development with Nuxt JS to build modern web applications.

This Nuxtjs course also has a bigger and more exciting final project. You will be building a full API with Laravel that will have Authentication, CRUD, Relationships including Polymorphic Relationship for Likes and much more …

You will also learn how to use Postman for testing while building your API.

In the end, you will be comfortable enough to start your next big project using the Laravel backend to serve as an API and Nuxt JS to create a front end client for your web application. Please browse the syllabus below for an overview of this Nuxtjs course.

You will learn:

Be able to build modern web applications (SPA, static and SSR) using Nuxt JS
Be able to create powerful and scalable APIs using the PHP Laravel framework
Learn API Development with Laravel
Learn Front End Web Development with Nuxt Js
Mastering backend and frontend web development
Authentication using JWT
Global validation
Implement CRUD (create, read, update, delete)
Laravel API Resources
Topic / posts relationship (e.g. post / comments)
Likes – Polymorphic relationship
Global mixins
Learn how to use Postman

The Complete Nuxt.js & Vue.js Course | Self Promo App


Nuxt.js predefines all the configuration necessary to make your development of a Vue.js application enjoyable.

Server Side Rendered (SSR – Universal) mode is the most popular mode for Nuxt. With SSR, also known as “universal” or “isomorphic” mode, a Node.js server will be used to deliver HTML based on your Vue components to the client instead of pure javascript. Using SSR will result in a significant increase in SEO, better UX, and more opportunities (compared to a traditional Vue SPA).

Because implementing SSR on your own can be really tedious, Nuxt.js gives you full support out of the box and will take care of common pitfalls.


Vue JS is a very popular JavaScript front-end framework that has been specially designed to help you write web applications faster and easier than ever before!

Used by companies such as Nintendo, Adobe, GitLab, Baidu, and Alibaba, Vue JS is rapidly gaining popularity, so now is a great time to add it to your resume.

By the end of this Nuxtjs course, you will have the skills and confidence to use Vue JS on your own projects!

So whether you are a complete Vue JS newbie or an experienced programmer keen to improve your skills, this Nuxtjs course is for you!


Students learn best when they immediately put what they learned into practice, which is why we’ve built this Nuxtjs course around three really great projects (which will look great in your career portfolio!):

Project 1 – Todo application

This project is best suited for novice developers with no or minimal programming experience. The first app covers the basic concepts that every developer should know. The first 20 lectures cover the basic concepts on practical sandbox examples. The rest of the section, students will work on concepts related to the Vue JS “todo” application. The section also covers html and css explanations.

Acquire basic programming knowledge (Functions, Variables, Classes …)

Learn how to create store data in our Local Storage browser.

Fully understand Vue JS concepts such as data binding, data manipulation, event handling, state management (and much more!)

Project 2 – Post application

Nuxt.js starter project. Basic programming knowledge is required. Students should have all the knowledge necessary to work on this project once they have completed the first project. In this project, students will become familiar with topics related to Nuxt.js / Vue.js. In this project, students will work on an application to create and manage publications.

Gain basic knowledge of Nuxt.js

Find out how SSR works

Get to know Vuex

Lean how to keep data on the server

Project 3 – Promotion of your application

Students of the final project will work. This project is the longest and the most detailed. Students are working on tons of cool features. Students will learn how to create a beautiful self-promotion app with an admin dashboard, authentication, REST features, and other cool stuff.

The last project consists of several sections. In the first section, the instructor will explain authentication, including registration and login features. Students will not only learn how to authenticate users, but they will also learn about form validation with the Vuelidate package.

After authentication, students will start working on product creation and management features. Students will work with Nuxtjs courses as a product, but ultimately will be able to choose whatever product they want. The application is customizable.

In the next part, students will create a product management function. Students will learn how to create new custom entries and how to manage the flow of data in forms.

The Nuxtjs course also covers the functionality of blogging. Students will integrate a blog editor containing different formatting options and features for editing and publishing blogs. Students will work on features to display published and featured blogs and they will learn how to create pagination feature later.

In the final sections, the instructor will explain SEO (search engine optimization) and students will learn how to implement SEO improvements in the app.
The Nuxtjs course ends with the deployment of the application on Heroku.

With over 40 hours of onscreen instruction, it doesn’t matter whether you are planning to start your developer career or just want to improve your programming skills, this is the Nuxtjs course for you!

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