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Best PowerShell courses 2024

Best PowerShell Courses 2023

Best PowerShell tutorials 2023

Learning Windows PowerShell

A comprehensive guide to using Windows PowerShell for System Administrators. This Windows PowerShell learning training course will teach you how to use this .NET framework-based, task-based command-line shell and scripting language specifically designed for systems administration. This course is designed for the absolute beginner, which means that need to know no previous experience with Windows 10 PowerShell is necessary.

You’ll start by learning the basics of PowerShell, and then get started with installing and configuring PowerShell best practices. From there, Mark will teach you PowerShell commands, including objects and classes, get-help, and get-command. You will also learn about scripts and PowerShell providers, such as File System Provider, Alias ​​Provider, and Environment Provider. This video tutorial will also cover working with files and folders, system administration, and PowerShell version 5. After you complete this computer-based training course, you will be fully able to use Windows PowerShell for your administrative needs. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons. Discover PowerShell to control and administer your Windows machines and servers. Learn PowerShell from the best PowerShell tutorial in 2023.

Master Microsoft PowerShell

Would you like to learn Windows PowerShell? Are you ready to eliminate the most monotonous tasks because you can automate so many tasks? Are you a system administrator who wants to be even more efficient at work? Welcome to the Microsoft PowerShell Master Course! Learn Windows PowerShell in an Afternoon. The ability to use the basics of PowerShell to write functions and scripts that will save you time. An opportunity to impress your colleagues and IT management with your PowerShell skills. PowerShell is Microsoft’s incredibly powerful command line shell and scripting language that transformed the role of the system administrator. If I was only looking for one skill to add to my system administration toolkit, it would be PowerShell.

This PowerShell course is filled with concise illustrations to help you learn the basics in no time. We encourage you to follow along using PowerShell and the additional files provided so that you know that you have learned the material. The last section of the course focuses on a background script that you will write to organize the files on your hard drive. You will:

How to install PowerShell
Basic data types
Comparison operators
Working with objects
Formatting the output
Arrays and hash tables
Data backup
Import data
Write advanced functions, including passing parameters and returning results
Script writing

The best PowerShell course in 2023.

Introduction to Windows PowerShell 5.1

This course is designed to give you a solid foundation in Windows PowerShell 5.1. We’ll start with the basics of PowerShell 5.1 and end with writing your own powerful automation scripts. In this course, we will cover the following main topics:

Windows PowerShell Basics
System requirements for Windows PowerShell
Install and Update Windows PowerShell
How to use the CLI (command line interface)
How to use Powershell ISE (Intelligent Scripting Environment)
How to get help and find commands in the CLI
Getting started with Windows PowerShell
Get help and find orders
The PowerShell Language – Command Syntax, Objects and Properties, and the Pipeline
Set up your own on-premises PowerShell IT lab
Active Directory base domain administration with Windows PowerShell
An introduction to configuring the desired state with ease!
Understanding the Powershell Command Line
How to write powershell scripts to automate redundant tasks
Install and update Windows PowerShell
Learn the basics of Windows PowerShell 5.1
Introduction to Text-Based Powershell Console and Intelligent Scripting Environment (ISE)
Use the PowerShell help system
Finally understand the syntax of PowerShell
Understand objects, properties and methods
Understanding the PowerShell pipeline
Create and manage Active Directory users with PowerShell
Create and delete organizational units with PowerShell

Advanced Scripting & Tool Making using Windows PowerShell

Advanced training on PowerShell. You will take a deep dive into Windows PowerShell scripting. This Advanced PowerShell tutorial will teach you to use PowerShell with tools like Task Scheduler/Event Viewer/Databases. All the underlying concepts of PowerShell. You will gain Object based Scripting, In-depth knowledge of Pipeline, Formatting output into professional reports. This is one of the best Advanced PowerShell tutorials in 2023.

This course is designed to bring system administrators to an advanced level in PowerShell Scripting. You will find ways to automate your daily work using the benefits of PowerShell scripts. The professional who wants to get started with PowerShell and get a basic idea of ​​the command line will find it extremely easy to understand the concepts behind PowerShell and will be able to integrate PowerShell with non-Microsoft products as well. Topics that may not be Windows PowerShell concepts but are important for developing an understanding of PowerShell are included, which is a bonus. The course aims to clarify things that are going on behind the scenes so that ideas for automation using PowerShell come from within. You should be able to complete this course in a week, if you devote 2 hours of your time per day and this journey will take you from PowerShell beginner to PowerShell expert.

You will learn:

PowerShell Automation Solution for Daily Manual Reports
Interacting with the Database Using PowerShell
PowerShell Automation for scheduled service restarts
Windows task scheduler and scheduling PowerShell scripts to run
Retrieve reports from Windows Event Viewer using this PowerShell
PowerShell to automate database related items
PowerShell script signing, execution policy, and system security
Advanced PowerShell functions and PowerShell modules
Creating Graphical User Interfaces Using PowerShell
PowerShell with WMI
Advanced file management using PowerShell
PowerShell with Windows Event Viewer
Web Scrapping Using PowerShell
PowerShell for programming
Use PowerShell as a tool

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