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Best React Native Courses 2021


Best React Native Books 2021

React Native allows you to build cross platform mobile apps by using only JavaScript. It is based on React. React Native enables using the React architecture as native application on Android, iOS, and Windows applications. Using React Native, you can compose a rich mobile UI from React components. React Native was announced by Facebook in 2015. React Native apps are indistinguishable from native apps built using Objective-C or Java. React Native has seen a steady rise in usage. The demand for React Native apps and developers who can make React Native apps has only gone up. React Native developers can make high salaries and get great jobs all around the world. As React Native is primarily based on React.js, if you have any React development or programming experience you already have a head start on React Native development.

Best React Native tutorials 2021

Multiplatform Mobile App Development with React Native

This course focuses on developing truly cross-platform, native iOS and Android applications using React Native (Ver 0.55) and the Expo SDK (Ver.27.0.0). React Native uses modern JavaScript to achieve a truly native user interface and performance while sharing skills and code with the web. You will learn how to build UI development with React Native UI and layout support and access native mobile platform capabilities from JavaScript using Expo SDK. You must have already taken Bootstrap 4 and React courses in this specialization before continuing this course.

By the end of this course, you will be able to (a) build mobile application targeting multiple platforms with a single code base, (b) leverage your React and JavaScript skills, (c) use various features of React Native, and SDK Expo to create truly cross-platform mobile applications, and (d) Use Redux to design the architecture of a React-Redux application

The Complete React Native + Hooks Course [2021 Edition]

If you’re tired of spinning your wheels while learning Swift or Android, this course will help you in getting started with react native. Authentication? You will learn it. Hooks? Included. Navigation? Of course! This course will get you up to speed quickly with React Native and teach you the basic knowledge you need to understand and build React component library for mobile devices. OSX and Windows support – develop iOS or Android!

This course includes content on both v0.62.2 and legacy v0.30.x, which is widely used in the industry. We’ll start by mastering the basics of React, including JSX, “props”, “state”, and event handling. Source code is provided for each course, so you will always be up to date with the pace of the course. Special attention has been paid to creating reusable components that you can use in your own fantastic projects.

React Native is a great solution for developing mobile apps in a fraction of the time it takes to create an equivalent iOS or Swift app. You’ll love seeing your changes appear instantly on your own device, rather than waiting for the Swift / Java code to be recompiled! This fast feedback loop, coupled with excellent cross-platform support, is what has propelled React Native to the top of the must-have skills for JavaScript developer. You will:

Learn how to use React’s custom markup language, JSX, to clean up your JavaScript code
Master the process of breaking down a complex component into many smaller, interchangeable components
Understand the difference between ‘props’ and ‘condition’ and when to use them
Render interactive and media-rich components in beautifully styled apps
Develop unique, fun and responsive web apps
Build on Android and iOS platforms
Main integration with Firebase for user authentication
Learn the basics of navigation with React Native
Build React Native app
Create truly reusable components that look great
Understand Redux terminology and concepts
Prototype and deploy your own apps in Apple and Google Play stores
Be aware of React design principles and methodologies
Explore mobile design patterns used by experienced engineers

React Native – The Practical Guide [2021 Edition]

This course has been completely updated and now not only covers the latest version of React Native, but also includes updates on JavaScript and React.js! In addition, an entire section on “Push Notifications” has been added. No need want to learn learn Java, Android, Swift, Objective C or anything else – React and JavaScript are all you need learn how to build awesome native native mobile applications that work on both Android and iOS. This is probably the reason why Instagram, AirBnB, Skype and many other global companies use it to build their mobile apps! Everything you need to build your own React Native apps, publish them to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and dive really deep into the React Native ecosystem.

You will learn all about the theory behind React Native, its basic concepts, how to create responsive designs that work on different sizes of devices, how to animate React Native apps, how to navigate, use maps and the camera and much more! You will learn:

Fundamental concepts and theory
How to use React, JavaScript, and native components
Understand how to navigate React Native apps
An overview of the styling and animation of React Native apps
Instructions on Using Third-Party Libraries in Your React Native Application
Detailed examples of how to use maps or an image picker
A complete user authentication flow
How to connect to a backend server from your application
Debugging Instructions
Build native mobile apps as a JavaScript framework and React developer
Dive Deeper into React Native
Develop cross-platform mobile applications (iOS and Android) without knowing Swift, Objective C or Java / Android

React Native: Advanced Concepts

Go beyond the basics of React Native! This React native tutorial will teach you the advanced topics you need to build a top selling app. Push notifications? You will learn it. In-depth animations? Included. Offline data persistence? Of course! In this course, we’ll be creating three separate apps with increasing complexity, each featuring different functionality from React Native.

1) Build a Tinder-type Swipe Deck. Yes, the classic animated component! We’re going to create a large stack of beautiful cards that a user can drag across the screen, swiping right to “like” an item, or “left” to dislike an item. This warm-up will familiarize you with interpreting touch inputs via the PanResponder system, moving elements with the Animated module, and converting extrapolating animation values ​​via the interpolation system.

2) Dive into the backend with one-time password authentication. Have you ever been asked to log in using a code sent to you by text message? One-time passwords are a new authentication flow that leverages a user’s phone number as a unique identifying token. We will use the Twilio API to send a text message to a user to verify their identity, while securing our business logic in Firebase’s new Google Cloud functions.

3) Your own job search app. Tinder for jobs! This app is 100% complete! We are going to create an app with a full tutorial on the welcome screen for our new user, Facebook authentication and map components. User will be presented with a list of jobs to like or dislike based on their location by leveraging Indeed’s Job API, then follow up and apply for the job of their choice.

Here’s what we’ll learn:

Learn the theory and practice of implementing complex animation systems
Start your app using the new Expo platform
Navigate with your user using React-Navigation
Engage your users with automated push notifications
Improve authentication flows in your app with one-time passwords with Twilio
Increase the reliability of your application with offline data persistence
Explain to your users how to use your app with the welcome tutorial pages
Authenticate your users using Facebook OAuth
Go Beyond the Mobile Front-End with Google Cloud Functions: Add Custom Logic to Your Firebase Backend
Locate your users with cross-platform MapView components

Best React Native books 2021

Fullstack React Native: Create beautiful mobile apps with JavaScript and React Native

Fullstack React Native: Create beautiful mobile apps with JavaScript and React Native
  • Abbott, Devin (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 688 Pages - 01/11/2019 (Publication Date) - Independently published (Publisher)

Fullstack React Native: Create beautiful mobile apps with JavaScript and React Native by Devin Abbott, Houssein Djirdeh, Anthony Accomazzo and Sophia Shoemaker will help you learn to be a professional Fullstack React Native developer. This is the up-to-date, in-depth, complete guide to React Native. This React Native book is packed full of React Native code examples. Every chapter includes with a complete React Native project that uses all the React Native concepts taught in the chapter. Full support is provided support for both iOS simulator (including iPhone X screens) & Android. This is one of the best Fullstack React Native books in 2021. You will build React Native apps including:

  • React Native Weather app: Build a weather app with user location and weather data API.
  • React Native Time Tracker: Build a time tracking app making use of your React skills.
  • React Native Messaging app: Use core React Native APIs like Geolocation, CameraRoll, Keyboard, NetInfo and more to build a messaging app
  • React Native Instagram Clone: Learn how to style your app, manage user input, add comments and display photos
  • React Native Contacts app: Learn how to use React Native Navigation, required for any multiple screens mobile app
  • React Native Puzzle Game: Build smooth animations that render at 60 frames-per-second (fps)

React Native in Action

React Native in Action
  • Dabit, Nader (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 320 Pages - 04/01/2019 (Publication Date) - Manning Publications (Publisher)

React Native in Action by Nader Dabit gives iOS, Android, and web developers the knowledge and confidence they need to start building high-quality iOS and Android app using the React Native framework. React Native gives web and mobile developers the power of “and”. Write your app once and easily deploy it on iOS, Android, and the web. React Native applications are compiled into platform-specific code, reducing development time, effort, and costs of mobile development. And because you use JavaScript and the React framework, you get a huge ecosystem of tools, experience, and support. React Native in Action is one of the best books. It teaches you how to build high-quality cross-platform mobile and web applications. In this how-to guide, you’ll get straight to building a comprehensive app with clear, easy-to-follow instructions. As you develop your skills, you will explore more advanced topics such as style, APIs, animations, data architecture, and more. You will also learn how to optimize code reuse without sacrificing the appearance of the native platform.

React Native Cookbook: Recipes for solving common React Native development problems, 2nd Edition

React Native Cookbook: Recipes for solving common React Native development problems, 2nd Edition
  • Ward, Dan (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 592 Pages - 01/31/2019 (Publication Date) - Packt Publishing (Publisher)

React Native Cookbook: Recipes for solving common React Native development problems, 2nd Edition by Dan Ward will help you create mobile applications with maximum code reuse and low cost, React Native is what you need. With this practical guide, you can create attractive user interfaces, solve common mobile development problems, and improve performance in mobile environments.

This book begins by covering common React Native customization techniques and helps you configure your development platforms. Throughout the book, you’ll work on a wide variety of recipes that help you create, design, and animate your applications with custom built-in React Native and third-party components. You will also develop real-world browser-based authentication, create a fully functional audio player, and integrate Google Maps into your applications. This book will help you explore different strategies for working with data, including taking advantage of the popular Redux library and optimizing your application’s data flow. You will also learn how to write native device functions for new and existing React Native projects and how application deployment works. By the end of this book, you will be equipped with tips and tricks for writing effective code and will have the skills to create full iOS and Android applications using React Native. You will learn:

Create UI Components and Functions with React Native
Create advanced animations for user interface components
Develop universal apps that work on phones and tablets
Take advantage of Redux to manage application and data flow
Expose custom native UI components and application logic to React Native
Use Open Source Third Party Plugins to Build React Native Apps

Mastering React Native

Mastering React Native
  • Masiello, Eric (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 496 Pages - 01/11/2017 (Publication Date) - Packt Publishing (Publisher)

Mastering React Native by Eric Masiello & Jacob Friedman will help you learn advanced React Native. You will learn all the React Native building blocks necessary to become a React Native expert. You will be building components including Images, Views, ListViews, WebViews, and more. Utilizing form inputs in React Native is looked at. You will learn Flux data architecture and apply Redux to manage data with a remote API. By the end of this advanced React Native programming book, you will be able to build cutting-edge React Native apps.This is one of the best advanced React Native books in 2021. You will learn:

  • Implement native React Native components and APIs
  • Learn React’s JSX syntax
  • Manage data using Redux and Redux middleware
  • Build React Native applications that run on both iOS and Android platforms
  • Perform animations in your applications using the animation APIs
  • Understand routing and Navigator comparison
  • Build custom React Native modules

Learning React Native: Building Native Mobile Apps with JavaScript 2nd Edition

Learning React Native: Building Native Mobile Apps with JavaScript
  • Eisenman, Bonnie (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 242 Pages - 11/28/2017 (Publication Date) - O'Reilly Media (Publisher)

Learning React Native by Bonnie Eisenman is one of the most popular React Native books out at the moment. This book serves as a great introduction to React Native for beginners. Learning React Native uses clearly defined instructions to show you how to build React Native and React Native style interfaces, React Native components, React Native local storage, debug React Native and deploy your applications(to iOS & Android stores) and everything else in between. This book will teach you how to build complex React Native apps by starting with simple React Native apps. Learning React Native is full of React Native code and React Native examples throughout.